January 1st, 2021|AO- Golden Spike|15 Degrees

10 PAX: Patton (Respect), Fallout, Room Service, Riverdance, Cutting Edge, Vandelay (Respect), Saul, Space Bar, Super Tasty, Mother Goose-Q

7:00 AM- YHC welcomed the PAX to F3 and wished all a Happy New Year.  The meaning, mission, and core principles of F3 were recited and all were reminded that the Q was not a professional, so everyone should modify as needed.  We were planning a pretty difficult beatdown, so anyone that enjoyed themselves too much on NYE or were wanting to save some energy for the CSAUP could adjust.  We then entered through the gate and lined up between lights on the west end of the field.  Since it was all covered in snow it was hard to tell where but somewhere near the sideline.  There was also a pair of lights marking a line on the east side of the field.


-15 SSH’s IC then mosey across field

-15 tappy taps IC and mosey back

-15 cherry pickers IC and mosey across

-7 Burpees and mosey back

-15 goofballs IC and mosey across

-15 big one’s IC and mosey back

-7 Burpees and mosey across

-20 sun gods (10 forward, 10 reverse) IC and mosey back

-15 low dolly’s and mosey across

-7 Burpees

The Thang (2021)- YHC mentioned that if anyone was keeping track, we had done 21 Burpees so far.  The goal as a PAX today was to complete 2021 reps, so we had 2000 more to do.  We would complete 500 at each light in the four corners of the field, with 25 reps of 20 different exercises at each stop and moseying in between.  The exercises would alternate between upper body, lower body and core.  We would work fast and adjust counting to try to get through 2,000 more before the Omaha call.

-2000 more reps (do this 4x through):

-25 Merkins

-25 Air Squats

-25 American Hammers (Count every left to right as one)

-25 Carolina Dry Docks

-25 Abductor Squats (Keep feet and knees together)                                                                       -25 Freddie Mercury’s (Count your right knee)

-25 Diamond Merkins

-25 Moroccan Night Clubs (Count every back to front as one)

-25 Lunges (Do all 25 on one leg, switch legs each round)

-25 LBC’s (Count every crunch)

-25 Alternating Shoulder Taps (Count every tap)

-25 Side Lunges (Do all 25 on one leg, switch legs each round)

-25 Flutter Kicks (Count your right leg)

-25 Plank Row (Count every row)

-25 Calf Raises

-25 Gas Pumpers (Count every pump)

-25 Werkins

-25 Monkey Humpers (Count every hump)

-25 Mountain Climbers (Count your right knee)

-25 Pickle Poppers (Count every pop)


7:38 AM Omaha was called.  It would have been called slightly earlier but we ended on 25 lunges with the left leg so did 25 more on the right before Omaha.  We had not completed the 2,000 reps (but that wasn’t really the point… we didn’t fail… more on that in the COT).  By YHC’s count we completed 1,250.

Mary- 21 Big Boy’s Undertaker Style (keeping legs flat and “rising from the dead”).  I was told by Vandelay and Saul that some regions of F3 refer to these as World War 1’s.  Noted.

7:40 AM– Name-o-rama (fortunately there were no FNG’s as I had forgotten to ask at the beginning and thus had not explained to them what to say for Name-o-rama)

Announcements/Prayer Requests– CSAUP tomorrow and the beginning of the F3 Omaha Foundation; Super Tasty asked for prayers for his office following the sudden death of a co-worker.


I’ve always been torn on New Year’s.  I support the idea of making resolutions to either add something positive or remove something negative from your life.  I’ll support it.  But, as Tater Tot reminded me at the Battlefield on 12/31, 1/1 is just another day on the calendar.  It is arbitrary.  If you want to make a big commitment and set a high goal (like 2,000 reps in 25 minutes) just make the commitment and do it.  If you fall short, you haven’t failed.  You only fail when you give up. 

I was advised before my VQ that “if you can’t do it, don’t Q it.”  I am taking that same spirit into my COT.  I need to hear what I just said.  I am the person that is always pushing off making a necessary change to another day on the calendar.  “I’ll make it a New Years’ resolution,” “I’ll give it up for Lent, once school starts again, after the Chiefs playoff run…” I constantly move the goal posts for improvements to my health.  I shared with the PAX a specific bad habit I want to stop.

On a larger sense, I commented that we celebrate Christmas, New Years and Easter as days of new life, renewal, and fresh starts.  They are important days to celebrate, but why not treat every day as such?  As someone who works in high schools, I worry about the mental health of kids that place so much stock in the changing of a calendar from 20 to 21, as if we all somehow woke up magically to a world that is now free of the challenges which 2020 wrought.  All of those challenges are still here, so I am resolving (and invite others to as well) to live each day in 2021 from a resurrected point of view.  A week ago, we celebrated the birth of (in YHC’s opinion) the most important HIM to ever live.  The greatest victory in human history has already occurred based on the destiny of that HIM.  The stone has been moved! The tomb is empty!  I am resolving to live each day trusting that in my mind and embracing that in my heart.  I will live a resurrected life!

Prayer (this is an adaptation of a poem by Howard Thurman titled “When the Song of the Angels is Stilled.”

When the carols have been stilled,

When the start-topped tree is taken down,

When family and friends are gone home,

When we are back to our schedules…


To welcome the refugee,

To heal a broken planet,

To feed the hungry,

To build bridges of trust, not walls of fear,

To share our gifts,

To seek justice and peace for all people,

To bring Christ’s light to the world. AMEN

Amid all the chaos and sadness of 2020, one of the largest blessings that came out of it for me was being introduced to F3.  I am excited to set goals for myself and get more and more involved with all three F’s in 2021! 

Cheers, Mother Goose.

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