January 5, 2021 | Weather: 21, Slick Conditions on pavement, Dark of course

PAX: Polaroid, Tater Tot, Othello, Slow Pitch, Icy Hot, Khakis, Sticky Bandit, Patten, Nugent, LPC, Vandelay, E-85, Toto, Lucky Charms, Sister Act, Two Step

Q: Gunner

Welcomed all Pax at 5:30 am. Stated the F3 Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles. No FNGs in attendance so we moseyed off for Warmarama.

Warm-O-Rama behind Spirit World

  1. 15 Hillbillies
  2. 10 Cherry Pickers
  3. 15 Mummy Kicks
  4. 15 IC Butt Kick

Concluded Warm-O-Rama at short brick walls

  • Apollo Ohno – Hold for 3 count
  • 15 Squat Kicks
  • 8 Dive Bombers
  • 15 IC Jump Ropes

Station 1- brick walls –

Do all 5 Exercises together as a group taking turns with Cadence

  1. 10 Dips
  2. 20 One-leg lunges –

Place 1 foot up on top of wall Lunge on the Command “DOWN” switch legs at 20

  • 15 Dips
  • 25 One-leg step Ups –

 Place left foot on top of wall, Step up on the Command “UP” 25 times. Switch legs after 25

  • 20 Dips

Mosey to Station 2

Station 2- Canopy- perform all 3 sets

  1. 8 pull ups and then

20 Merkins immediately after pull ups

10 count from Pax

  • 20 Merkins and then

8 Pull Ups immediately after Merkins

10 count from Pax

  • 10 Merkins – 5 pull Ups – 10 Merkins do in immediate succession

Mosey to the Stage, Station 3

Station 3 -the stage


  1. 20 IC Imperial Walkers – Red Bull Style
  2. 20 IC SSH – Red Bull Style
  3. 20 IC Wind Mills – Red Bull Style

10 count after Wind Mills –

Rinse and repeat ALL 3 exercises with no rest   

Mosey to Station 4

Station 4 – the Bike racks next to Spirit World

A Pax member to call the count for:

  1. 3 Turkish Get-ups
  2. 3 Burpees

The next Pax member to call the count for:

  • 6 Turkish Get-ups
  • 6 Burpees

The next Pax member to call the count for:

  • 9 Turkish Get-ups
  • 9 Burpees

Mosey to Station 1 – the brick walls

Mary –

20 IC Heals to the Heaven

17  IC Toe Touches

30 Rosalitas

17 Rancid American hammers

COT- Year of St. Joseph – excerpts taken from Pope Francis Letter posted on the Vatican News Website

Saint Joseph as a beloved father, a tender and loving father, an obedient father, an accepting father; a father who is creatively courageous, a working father, a father in the shadows.

Joseph is “an accepting Father,” because he “accepted Mary unconditionally” … and trusting in the Lord. Joseph accepts his life, even the events that he does not understand, “setting aside his own ideas” and reconciling himself with his own history.

Joseph’s spiritual path “is not one that explains, but accepts” — which does not mean that he is “resigned.” Instead, he is “courageously and firmly proactive,” because with “Holy Spirit’s gift of fortitude,” and full of hope, he is able “to accept life as it is, with all its contradictions, frustrations and disappointments.”

Closed with Prayer to St. Joseph

Hail, Guardian of the Redeemer,
Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
To you God entrusted his only Son;
in you Mary placed her trust;
with you Christ became man.

Blessed Joseph, to us too,
show yourself a father
and guide us in the path of life.
Obtain for us grace, mercy, and courage,
and defend us from every evil.  Amen.

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