January 1, 2021 | Delayed start of 0700 due to the New Year’s holiday | AO: The Woodshed | Elements: 21 degrees, clear, no wind, 4” of snow, lots of ice underneath.

PAX (15): Gumbo, Wentworth, Rollbar, Spreadsheet, SafeRide, E85, Sticky Bandit, Buns of Steel, Hoosegow, Bloodshot, Hipster, Pony Express, Gobler, Two Step, BetaMax  

Q: BetaMax (special shout out to Gumbo’s M and my M who led this same workout as part of Fit AF, a group of women who meet Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday after the F3 workouts conclude).  

0658 (What several PAX were thinking): I wonder where BetaMax is.  Is he going to fart sack his Q like another Q did a few weeks back?  

0659 (What the PAX saw): BetaMax rolls into the parking lot and emerges from his car to Queen’s “We will rock you” blaring as he walks up with a swagger. PAX response: Whoa…. he’s isn’t playing around.  

What really happened:  YHC forgot to set his alarm last night and woke up on his own 30 minutes before the beatdown (yikes) The Bluetooth speaker I was bringing had been connected to by other PAX who would be there, so I synced it to my phone at the red light before turning into Elmwood park and clicked play to start the first song so it would be ready. The parking lot was super icy, so better to step carefully until my feet hit normal snow. 

YHC left the music playing and rattled off the F3 mission, core principles, and proclaimed that I am not a professional.  After confirming there were no FNG’s, we did a mosey to the grotto. 

Warm O Rama  

  • SSH x 20 
  • Moroccan nightclub (IC) x 15 
  • Failure to launch x 4 

The  Thang – Ladders to a new decade  

BetaMax’s 40th birthday meant 4 ladders of AMRAP (up and down) 

Explained The Thang.  Timer app was set to 60 seconds, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60.  Q called out an exercise for AMRAP for the seconds allocated (all to inspiring cardio-paced music). 

The Thang 

Ladder 1 – Cardio (7 minutes) 

Climb down the ladder 

60 seconds: SSH w/ touching the ground w/alternate hands 

50 seconds: Side shuffle w/ touch down w/alternate hands 

40 seconds: Fast feet 

30 seconds: Burpees 

20 seconds: Rockstar jumps (to the side, or modify as needed) 

10 seconds: High Knees  

Back up the ladder (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 of the same exercises) 

*At this point, most/all mumble chatter ceased. 

Ladder 2 – Lower Body (7 minutes) 

60 seconds: Walking lunges 

50 seconds: Swing through lunges (left side, then right side) 

40 seconds: Air squat, shuffle left, Air Squat, shuffle right 

30 seconds: Calf raises 

20 seconds: Air squat, jump forward, air squat, jump back 

10 seconds: Squat jump 

Ladder 3 – Upper Body (7 minutes) 

60 seconds: Merkin -> Plank Jack > Repeat 

50 seconds: Lay on one side and perform side push up / switch at 25 seconds 

40 seconds: Mountain climbers 

30 seconds: Alternating shoulder taps 

20 seconds: Werkins 

10 seconds: Crab hold 

Ladder 4 – Abdominal (7 minutes) 

60 seconds: Walk out plank 

50 seconds: LBC’s 

40 seconds: Plank 

30 seconds: American Hammers 

20 seconds: WWII Situps  

10 seconds: V hold  

Omaha was called and everyone mosey’d to the shovel flag 


*We technically did 7MOM on the last latter, so we ended with 40 Rancid-style American Hammers. 


No new FNG’s today. 


Prayers for Hipster’s colleague whose spouse is in the hospital with COVID. 


YHC shared some personal reflections on what this milestone meant and led us out reflecting on the following quote and how we should get a plan, write it down and execute it in 2021: 

“A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.” -Hunter S. Thompson 

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