Paradise 12/30: Gratitude at all times

Q-Slow Pitch

Weather- 25 Degrees, 15 Real Feel with 7 inches of snow on the ground

11 PAX- Vandelay (Respect), Sparty, Jean Claude, Gunner, Grillz, Maaco, Trench, Biff, FDIC, Grease Fire, Slow Pitch

Slow Pitch looked around the parking lot and witnessed 10 HIM chattering, knowing very well there is high potential of hitting the pavement and this was mostly avoided. There was one HIM at Paradise for his first time and the Q was extremely excited to see him in attendance.

Mission statement, some principles and not a professional were possibly stated.

Mosey:  To parking garage


​Motivators: (deconstructed SSH) starting at 10, go down – When the Q was introduced to these, down range, they start at 5. Slow Pitch thought it would be a good idea to double that. That was a bad idea, so he called it after 7 sets, otherwise there wouldn’t be any time for anything. Sparty said that he used this time to admire the fanny of the Q (Slow Pitch is blushing).

Manatees: 10 IC – Also introduced down range. The Q doesn’t know if this is even considered exercise, but it did get everyone’s chest dirty, so that’s nice. 

Mosey: From garage to bottom of Rose

Grease Fire’s enthusiasm for being at his first Paradise, combined with the powerful torque that his tennis shoes produced and acceleration into any icy corner was an equation for a quick spill.  Bouncing up like a World Champ Prize Fighter, he barely broke stride and 

First Station: Bottom of Rose

​Manatees: 10 IC​ These were just as dumb as the first time, but even dumber, now that we were in the snow-covered street on our stomachs. Slow Pitch could hear Vandelay’s (Respect) thoughts about the Q being a complete moron for having them do this exercise again.

Crunches with hands inside knees: 20 IC


Mosey: Up the Rose

Second Station: Top of Rose

​Manatees: 10 IC (Fairly worthless exercise unless sniffing snow off the street is good for something).

​Crunches with hands inside knees: 20 IC

​E2K’s: 15 Each Side


Mosey: Around park. Grillz decided to show the PAX his new turbo booster tenny-rides and ran around the park fast enough to double lap and come in with the six, from behind.  If you’ve ever seen Back to the Future when they hit 88 miles an hour and leave fire tracks in the street, this was pretty similar.

Third Station: Top of Rose

​Manatees: 10 IC (Just getting our chests more wet)

​Crunches with hands inside knees: 20 IC

E2K’s: 15 Each Side


Mosey: Down the Street next to the Rose(Dangerously slick)

​Fourth Station: Bottom of Rose

​Freddy Mercury’s: 40 IC (Modification was made and just did the Fred Merks)

Mosey: Back to the Flags

Mary: American Hammers 20 IC

Announcements about CSAUP and some other stuff.

COT: Frequently, I have gratitude when something good happens to me and that is when I recognize i. However, I shouldn’t wait until something good happens to me, to be grateful. Don’t wait to have and show your gratitude. Do it today, regardless how you feel.

Prayer: Sparty

The Q is grateful for you! – Slow Pitch

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