December 26, 2020 | AO:The Matrix | Virtual | Temp. 18 degrees

PAX: Sgt. Slaughter, Gipper, Thomas, Bogie (FNG!), FDIC


While the PAX was stretching and setting up for the beatdown inside their choice of isolation from the elements, and each other, at 5:30 as on point as Michael Jordan leading the Bulls to 6 NBA championships, FDIC addressed the PAX and welcomed them with the standard greeting, the F3 mission statement, assuming they knew the 5 core principles, and very importantly reminded them that YHC was not a professional, and to modify as needed.

FDIC did not fiddle with the zoom controls this time (He just knew how to do it cause he Q’d The Matrix just three days before…) and shared the beatdown.

Warm O Rama

SSH x 20

Butt Kickers x 20

Hairy Rocketts x 15


  • 20 x Forward Arm Circles
  • 20 x Backwards Arm Circles
  • 20 x seal claps
  • 20 x overhead claps

We then moseyed nowhere….


Lazy Dora – partner up/2 groups (partnering up virtually is kind of tricky, but it actually worked out fairly well, not as well as Jordan and Pippen, more of like a Kobe and Shaq). Essentially everyone’s mic is on, and when they are finished with their reps they say “F3 name – rep count”, and then their partner knows when they are done. Was nice to try to do something different virtually.

  1. 100 Merkins (10 per) / Partner Plank
  2. 200 LBC’s (20 per) / Partner 6 in Leg Hold
  3. 300 Squats (25 per) / Partner Al Gore

Again…we moseyed nowhere…

Explained The Thang.  Have a deck of cards (was NOT stacked, even though the thought did cross my mind the night before, kind of like wondering why they call Firetrucks as such, when they are actually Watertrucks, I digress), and each draw of the top card would dictate what the PAX would do based on the card. We would use a tabata timer. Each exercise would correspond to the round for up to a total of 20 rounds, broken up into three different sets of exercises. Each round was the exercise, AMRAP, for 40 seconds, followed by a 20 second rest.

The Thang

Russian Roulette

Draw a card, Tabata Timer – 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest

Round 1-10

Face Card – Burpees

Clubs – Flutter Kicks

Spades – Alternating Shoulder Taps

Hearts – Alternating Lunges

Diamonds – Apollo Ohnos

Round 11-20

Face Card – Turkish Getups

Clubs – Gas Pumpers

Spades – Hand Release Merkins

Hearts – Mountain Climbers

Diamonds – High Knees

Round 21-30

Face Card – Burpees

Clubs – Big Boys

Spades – Punch Up Merkins

Hearts – Groiners

Diamonds – Pickle Pushers

PAX was able to get through 2 dozen (not a bakers dozen, just a regular dozen) rounds before Omaha was called.

And the PAX moseyed…you guessed it, nowhere.


Thunderstruck – merkins everytime ‘Thunderstruck’ is sang during the AC/DC song.

(Note, if anyone reads these…apparently zoom is stupid and doesn’t let you share audio from Spotify during the screen share.  So Slaughter was quick on his feet and must have been listening to the song recently, cause he pulled it up in like 2 seconds on his phone and placed it by his computer speaker to pipe it into the PAX)


Had an FNG post today, Terry from DR South Dakota, relation to Thomas, wanted to name him Rushmore (as in Mt. Rushmore), but apparently we already have one, so we settled on Bogie.  Welcome Bogie!


Why don’t we say Yes to certain things in life, or that are presented to us?

1 – Because we can’t either comprehend how It’s going to happen

2 – We don’t want to deal with the change

I don’t deal well with change, I like to be in control but when encountering change, it’s easier to give up control if we put our trust or faith in the one leading that change. Whether it’s a beatdown, whoever is the Q or in life, if you have faith, in the Sky King personally. 

A quote ‘There is a difference between the unknown and uncertainty you may not know HOW God is going to get you there, but you are certain that He will”

The PAX then trekked a few steps to grab a nice cup of joe for coffeteria.



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