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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

27 degrees; Heavy snow

Q – Stella

PAX: Folsom, Dirty Bird, Brazilian, Huffy, Mother Goose, Blue Chip, Wentworth, Baskins, Tender Foot, Re-Tweet, Safe Ride, Honey Stinger, Space Bar, Tin Cup, Bloodshot, Stella. 

5:30 AM  –  F3 Core Principles reviewed, Mission Statement and disclaimer given.  Snow is coming down heavy.  Already around 2 inches on the ground.  PAX did mosey to center of football field for Warm-A-Rama.   YHC ran by The Colosseum the previous Sunday and the field and track were almost entirely clear.  #OhWell

Warm-A-Ram: Consisted of: SSH, Wind Mills, Tappy Taps, Monkey Humpers, Imperial Walkers, High Knees and Dirty Dogs.

The Thang:  Today was a 3 or 4 man group workout.  We set up shop near the S Endzone.  We completed the reps below in our groups for each exercise on list. The next part was to run lap around track and decrease reps by 10 each time.  Complete list before lap. 

40 reps… 30 reps … 20 …. 10 … repeat

  • Hand Release Merkins
  • Air Squats
  • Alt. Shoulder Taps – IC
  • LBCs –  IC
  • Carolina Dry Docks

Omaha called at 6:08 AM.  Most groups made it through the list and started to rinse and repeat.  This was a fun one in the snow.  Running on fresh powder likely slowed the average lap pace down, all except for HUFFY who was seen multiple times running what appeared to be a 1:10 lap…  Some mumble chatter about Hand Release merkins.   Brazilian and Baskins had ice on their beards at the end.  Wentworth’s glasses frosted or fogged up.  Check out the Namarama video.  

6MOM:  We met back in the center of the field for Freddy Mercury’s, Low Dollys, Box Cutters, Big Boys and American Hammers. 

Announcements:  CSAUP on Jan 2 at 6:01 AM – Stinson Park.  Check slack for more information.  Voluntary Donations at CSAUP for F3 Foundation.  New Years Day some AOs will start at 7.  Prayer requests mentioned and noted.   COT today was about Life is Easier together.  2020 has been quite the year.  Obviously, lots of bad, but there is also good.  Focus on that…Maybe it was getting to know other PAX better in F3 or time with your loved ones.  Today’s workout hopefully sucked; however, everyone made it through.  YHC intentionally had us do it in groups because this makes it easier and more enjoyable.  



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