December 26, 2020 | AO Halleck Park, Papillion | Weather: Clear, 18°, snow on the ground

PAX: Folsom and Space Bar  Q: Gunner

Performed the F3 Morning Greeting and cited the F3 Mission and 5 Core Principles.  No FNGs took part in the beatdown, so we moseyed out from the shovel flags to Halleck Park North parking lot for Part 1 of Warmarama.

Part 1 Warm-O-Rama

  1. 12 IC Windmills
  2. 12 IC Sprinklers
  3. 12 IC Mountain Man Poopers
  4. 10 IC Arm Circles (forward and backward)
  5. 10 IC Cherry Pickers

After Part 1 we moseyed into the Arboretum and performed Part 2 of Warmarama

Part 2 Warm-O-Rama

  • 12 IC Imperial Walkers
  • 12 IC Apollo Ohnos
  • 12 IC Blades of Steel
  • 10 Yoga Toe Taps
  • 10 IC Morrocan Night Clubs

Moseyed over to Blondy Ruff baseball field for the Pre-thang

Pre- Thang

Pizza Cutter Merkins on the Bleachers (5 Right, 5 derkins, 5 Left, 5 Incline)

15 IC Mummy Kicks

15 Squat Jacks

15 IC High Knees

Rinsed and repeated for a total of 3 sets

The Work Out-  

AMRAP Exercise until your partner comes back – run to the cone 3 Burpees at each cone

  1. Flutter kicks
  2. Groiners
  3. Turkish Get Ups
  4. Pickle Pikes on tip toes
  5. Carolina Dry Docks
  6. Side Straddle Hop
  7. Crab Cakes
  8. Plank
  9. Bonnie Blairs
  10. Rosalitas
  11. Plank Jacks
  12. Oh-Yeas
  13. Peter Parkers
  14. Dry Docks
  15. Mountain Climbers


Captain Thors-  1 big boy sit up to 4 American Hammers. Work up to 4 big Boys but only stayed at 4 American Hammers due to time


Explained to the PAX the tremendous joy and satisfaction of having small conversations with people who work the graveyard shift when I get coffee.  I shared how these small engagements with these workers are very satisfying and how friendly the people can be.  It is the quietest and darkest part of our day around 3:30 am, but there are some friendly people out at that time.

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