October 26, 2020 / AO – The Canyon / Weather: 19 degrees

PAX (5): Cyclone, Mac N Cheese, Polaroid, Othello, Fairy Tale
Q: Fairy Tale

This Q was a fun one to plan. I was excited to Q the Canyon again, especially after a holiday! I mislabeled the names of a few of the exercises, (specifically Carolina Dry Docks; I wrote those down as “California Down Dogs”– major facepalm) but the PAX present were knowledgeable and kind enough to help me get those corrected as we went through the beat down.

The morning of the Q was dark and cold, but the PAX came through with great energy, and at 7am the mission, principles, and disclaimer were stated and we were on our way.
-SSH- 18IC
-cherry pickers- 13IC
-sun gods- 13IC (forward, backward)
-Tappy Taps- 13IC
-windmills- 13C
-mountain climbers- 13IC
-Imperial Walkers- 13IC
The Pre-Thang:
-Took a jog along the river path, stopping at checkpoints to do merkins, Carolina dry dogs, turkish getups, LBC’s, and air squats
The THANG — 25 mins:
Five stations in a circle that had a list of exercises to do. Lunge from station to station.
Station #1 (13 of each):
-Carolina dry docks
-tempo merkins
-mountain climbers
-ranger merkins
Station #2 (15 of each):
-Apolo Ohnos
-Bonnie Blairs
-Bobby Hurleys
-air squats
-copperhead squats
-hydraulic squats
-sumo squats
Station #3 (13 of each):
-dancing bears
-plank jacks
-plank shoulder taps
-Mahktar N’Diayes
-hand-release merkins
Station #4 (13 of each):
-fairy jacks
-Turkish getups
-high knees
-jump tucks
Station #5:
-PAX got into plank position in a line, while one HIM jumped over each person on the line, then got into a plank at the end of the line. We went down the parking lot and back.
-flutter kicks- 15IC
-Freddie Mercury’s- 20IC
-heel touches- 15IC
-American Hammer- 50IC – sets of 10


In this time with the whole global situation, it’s more important than ever to keep the families we have connected. Especially during this holiday season when families are separated by COVID, our families– biological or otherwise– need us to be there for them, just as much as we need them to be there for us. Just a reminder to keep the people we’re closest to, close. Happy New Year!


-Fairy Tale

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