Sat. Dec 19, 2020 – Be Present and Lean In! Celebrating Birdman’s one year F3 anniversary.

QIC: Birdman

PAX: Tonight Show, Blue Suede, Two Step, Cheap Seats, Tater Tot, Khaki’s, Pot Hole, Waterboy, Convoy, Ponzi, Bubbles, NoDoze, Merch, Hard Hat, Roadhouse, Sparty, Scrapper, Tube Socks, Vandelay, Panty Hose, Doc Brown, The Big One, Biff, Grillz, Todo, Touche, U-Haul, Yodel, FNG Cool Runnings


PAX moseyed to the field just west of the creek along the running path for warm-a-rama where they performed the following: • SSH 25 IC• Sun Gods 10 forward/backwards IC• Imperial Walkers – 12 IC• Tappy Taps 15 IC


Pax got into a plank position and did a series of merkins and mountain climbers:• 10 merkins• 10 mtn climbers (ic)• 10 merkins• 10 mtn climbers (ic)• 10 merkins• 10 mtn climbers (ic)

The Thang

PAX divided into groups of 5 then YHC led them to the field just south of Dodge street along the running path where he had cones set up 25 yards apart. YHC explained that in honor of my one yearanniversary I was going to repeat the same beatdown Doc Brown had administered on the day that I was a FNG. In their groups, Pax would run to each cone and back in the following manner: • Sprint to first cone and back.  25 merkins• Sprint to second cone and back.  50 LBCs • Sprint to third cone and back.  75 Air Squats• Sprint to fourth cone and back.  100 SSH (NOT IC)

Upon completing the 4th exercise Pax ran to a cone north of dodge street along the path, performed 10 burpees then ran back to the start line at the original beatdown point. Pax rinse and repeated this until Omaha was called. 

Post Thang

Pax mosey’d to north side of Aldrich where we performed a series of 30 donkey kicks. YHC wanted to keep going but noticed a sharp drop off in the number of Pax counting each kick. Apparently YHC was a bit too excited to celebrate his one yearanniversary. So much adrenaline! 


Pax mosey’d back to shovel flags and performed the following exercises:• Flutter kicks (15 IC)• LBCs (15 IC)• American Hammers (15 IC)• Monkey Humpers (20 IC) (Sorry guys! Had to incorporate these into my one year at some point.)

COT• YHC explained that I had splashed merlot about 20 mins into my first beatdown one year ago and that I had sworn off ever returning to F3 during that workout. However, everything changed for me when we got to the COT and I heard Doc Brown’s words. I then read a portion of Doc Brown’s COTwhich went as follows:

“As I reflected this week on what my message to the PAX would be for my VQ, I found myself coming back to my name, which references the character Dr. Emmett Brown from the Back to the Future movie series.  In it, Doc Brown was obsessed with creating a time travel machine that could carry him back and forth to the future.  I won’t speak for everyone here, but my personal experience is that I often find myself worrying about the future or dwelling on the past, often at the expense of what is present – right before my very eyes.  

As we embark on Christmas week, my challenge to all of you is to make sure to stay in the present.  Enjoy the moments for what they are worth, as you can’t make memories in the present if you are too busy worrying about the future.”

I then explained to the Pax that after hearing those words from Doc Brown I knew that I would be back. It was the exact message I needed to hear at that moment in my life and I felt that the Holy Spirit had worked through Sparty to EH meone year ago (forever grateful to Sparty for this)and get me to F3 that day precisely because God knew I needed these men in my life and I needed to hear that message.

I explained to the Pax that my one yearanniversary was so special for me to celebratebecause F3 had changed my life. I was 8 months removed from the toughest time in my entire life. I was so worried about what the future had in store for me that I had trouble focusing on the present and the amazing gifts right in front of me. Doc Brown’s words changed that for me. It was mywake up call. In F3, I’ve found men who believe in redemption, men who believe in forgiveness, and men who will change your life if you allow them to do so. F3 is so much more than a workout group. It’s a group of men who give a damn about each other and making our world a better place. This Christmas, focus on being present and I challenge you to lean in to F3 and allow it to change your life as it has changed mine. 



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