Paradise Island Backblast: Where’s the Christmas Lights

F3 Omaha December 23, 2020 – AO – Paradise

Q: Biff

PAX: LPC, Big One, Hashtag, Khakis, Flanders, Gunner, Convoy, Splinter, Icy Hot, Gobbler, Plague, Bubbles, Honey Badger, Scrapper, Vandelay, Roadhouse, Blue Suede, Big One, Blue Chip, Tater Tot, Cataracts, Vanilla Ice, Samples, Merch

Welcome, F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith and the Mission is to Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership.  Mentioned the 5 Core Principles and promptly forgot to tell the group that I am not a professional!  There were no FNG’s so we split into two groups with Plague taking the second group and off we went.

The pre-blast mentioned looking for Christmas lights in the Regency neighborhood, but that was the best I could come up with having forgot completely about doing a pre-blast until I saw the Paradise Twitter handle call me out that I would be providing one.

The route taken was one that I hadn’t done and everyone else in the group that mentioned it said they hadn’t run either, so it was new for all.  We made a loop around the Regency neighborhood which on the North side was Ascot Drive and on the south side is Fieldcrest.  We stopped along the way for the following pain stations.


12 IC GOOFBALLS, 12 Tappy Taps,12 Big Ones

Pain Station 1

Pizza Wheel of Merkin – Find a Curb 5 Incline on the Curb, 5 With Right hand on curb, 5 Decline and 5 With Left hand on curb – Repeat

Canoe Crunch X 23 On Row

Pain Station 2

Clowney exercise (2 jump squats on UP followed by 5 merkinson Down) x Repeat 5 Times

Pain Station 3

Bonnie Blairs X 12, Bobby Hurleys X 12

Frog Crunch X 23 on UP

Pain Station 4

Burpees X 12

Ivan Drago X 23 on UP

Pain Station 5

Hand Release Merkins X 12

Air Squats X 12

Oblique Crunch 12 Left Side 12 Right Side

Group 1 must have had superior runners as we were back long before group 2.  So as our penalty for being first Splinter suggested that we do more Burpees.  So 12 more Burpees were done then Plank was held until Group 2 crossed our paths and we ran to the shovel flags together.

Mary, partially taken from Gobblers 12 AB days of Christmas.

12 – Rosalitas, 12 – Low Dolly’s, 12 – Side Plank Lifts and finished with 12 – American Hammers.

Announcements – Prayers – COT:

Discussed the concept of Emotional Hoarding. Keeping hold of all the thoughts, excuses and expectations that build up around us and keep us from being free to move. With Christmas coming up take a minute to throw up some of those items that are holding you back and break free from that baggage. Example from the Bible, Acts 27 – Paul is on a ship to Rome and they are caught in a storm. In order to save everyone they dumped all of the cargo into the sea to lighten the load on the ship. The ship still crashed, however everyone of the 276 people on board survived and swam safely to shore.


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