December 23, 2020 | AO – Top Rope | Aldrich Elementary School | 48°,windy

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YHC shared the Mission and Core Principles of F3 and the standard disclaimer, it was time to get this beatdown started! A short mosey to the medical office parking lot led us to Warm-O-Rama.

Side straddle hop x20 ic
Windmills aka Don Quixote x20ic
Copperhead Squats x20ic
Cherry pickers x20ic

Knowing that the beatdown to come would tax our core muscles, YHC decided at the 11th hour to add a pre-thang to break up the work a little. YHC may not quite be on par with The Plague when it comes to burpees, but I kind of like them so we did a few sets of 10 with a 10-count break.

We moseyed back to the school where 4 stations around the building formed the ring where we would be getting this HardCORE Match beatdown done! We broke off into 4 groups and went to our corners, the bell rang and the match was on!

Corner #1
High Plank 30 count
Big Boys 30 count
Box Cutters x20 ic
Australian Mountain Climbers x20 ic

Corner #2
Makhtar N’Diayes x20 ic
LBC x20 ic
Freddie Mercury x20 ic
Groiners x20 ic

Corner #3
Alt. Shoulder Taps x20 ic
Sweat Angels x20 ic
Outlaws x10 ic each way
Plank Jack x20 ic

Corner #4
Side Plank x10 ic each side
V-ups x20 ic
Flutter Kicks x20 ic
Mountain Climbers x20 ic

Long runs between stations helped keep the heart rates up, each group finished 2 rounds plus one station before Omaha was called.

YHC jokingly told the PAX that Mary was going to be a repeat of all 4 stations, but time was short so we did our American Hammers Rancid style to finish off the morning.

COT: Choose JOY
If you celebrate Advent you may know that this past Sunday was JOY Sunday. This got YHC thinking and I wanted to share my thoughts on Joy.
We have a wide array of emotions and circumstances every day, we can choose to be governed by these ever-changing elements OR we can live with JOY in our hearts without regard for mercurial components of life.
A life filled with JOY is a life of stability, and duribility, it will be unshaken by the hard days. JOY makes it possible to stay the course even when the going gets tough.
Choose JOY today, and every day!

Be Blessed,
Rollbar #SYITG

CSAUP: January 2nd See Slack for details or contact Roadhouse and Brazillian.
GrowRuck St. Louis: 1st weekend in October. Message Rollbar with questions
Food Bank donations: Ferdinand is collecting, message with questions

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