December 22, 2020 | AO:The Sanitarium | Papillion-LaVista High School | Temp. 30 degrees and clear

PAX: Nobs, Jam Band, Skittles, Squeaky Clean, Zorro, Schnapps, Tony the Tiger, Ferdinand, Trench, Gobbler, KOA, Rooney, Marve, Girl Dad

Q: Gunner

As always, started sharply at 5:30 am with the greeting to the Pax as well as the F3 Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles.  Informed the gang that I am not a Workout Professional so if they feel the need to modify at any point to do so and avoid any injury.  There were no FNGs this morning, so we did a short little mosey to the other side of the “Lower” Parking lot of The Sanitarium AO.  We circled up for Warmarama.

Warmarama –

  • 15 IC Hairy Rockettes
  • 25 SSH
  • 20 each leg Mule Kicks
  • Carioca – Lined up in parking lot and performed 4 lines of Carioca run
  • 15 IC Seated Tater Taps
  • 15 IC Hillbillies
  • 10 Dive Bombers
  • Carioca – Lined up in parking lot and performed 4 lines of Carioca run
  • 15 Squat Kicks
  • 15 IC Rosalitas
  • 15 Yoga Toe Taps
  • Carioca– Lined up in parking lot and performed 4 lines of Carioca run

The Thang

Executed a 21 Work Out in the Upper parking lot – Stared with 1 Slalom Groiners & 20 Bobby Hurleys.  The Pax performed the Slalom Groiner at the start line and ran to each painted parking stripe in the Upper parking lot to perform the Bobby Hurley exercise.

Called Omaha at 6:05 am

20 IC Dying Cockroaches

15 IC Windshield wipers

15 IC Inverted Toe Touches

Supermans- 10 count performing the Superman and 10 count rest. Alternating Pax count around the circle

15 IC American Hammers


CSAUP – Jan.1 provided distance information to the Pax and number of beatdown locations.

Santa Saunter times and schedule is posted on Google docs by JCMP

Announced the coming of F3 Omaha Foundation to increase our Third F activity in this area

COT- Made a brief and light-hearted COT explaining the childhood joy of watching Classic Christmas Cartoons this time of year.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

The Sanitarium

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