AO: Futurama

Date: 12/17/2020

Weather: Snow covered which is perfect for Sledding.  17 Degrees.  Road was cleared

PAX (16): Tugboat, Gunner, Pain Killer, Dr. Thunder, Othello, Hashtag(Hate), Grease Fire, Spreadsheet(Hate), Hipster (Respect, Respect), U Haul, Reba, Bovine, TC(Respect), Cyclone (Respect) Port A John, Mufasa

Q: Mufasa

Welcome: I left my house at 4:30 so I could make it in time for the 5:30 start and I live in Omaha, can’t believe how far East this was!!!  Introduced myself to some of the PAX I did not know considering this was my first time visiting Futurama.  Started immediately with Sun Gods as I explained what the 3Fs and the 5 core principles were.  I also explained that we would be sledding but we would mainly be staying together as a group.  Made fun of Ponzi.    


Tappy Taps 20 IC

Imperial Walkers 20 IC

Seal Claps 20 IC

Mosey’d around the Monument and answered Gunner’s question if Ponzi and I worked together.  I explained heck no and if we did work together, I would have quit the first day I was there. 

Explained the Thang which was to have one person go sledding down the hill and then run as fast and hard as they can back up the hill which ended being more difficult than expected.  Gave away a prize for Whomever traveled the farthest.  All other Pax member would do 3 Sets of 25 reps of a given exercise

75 Merkins, 3 sets of 25 

Mosey around the monument

75 LBC’S, IC 3 sets of 25

Mosey around in front of the monument but due to the amount of ice, it was severely modified

Explained to the PAX that there was going to be a pattern and after this 2nd exercise, all caught on, made mention that it was good Ponzi, was not there because he still would be confused.   

75 Carolina Dry Docks, 3 Sets of 25 

Mosey down the steps and back up the other side, but due to the amount of ice, it was severely modified

75 Low Dollys, IC 3 sets of 25

Mosey around the monument

75 Alternating Shoulder Taps, IC 3 sets of 25

Mosey around the monument

75 Freddie Mercury’s, IC 3 sets of 25

Mosey around the monument

Called Omaha after Port A John came back up the hill after sledding.  Unfortunately, we could not get around to all of the PAX to go Sledding.  

Did 20 IC American Hammer, and then did another set after Othello said, that is it???……So I penalized everyone for Othello’s Big mouth.  

Closing: Asked for Announcements and Prayers:  TC mentioned Donate lbs for Queenservice which wraps up Monday; Othello mentioned CSAUP on 1/2/21; 

COT:  Thanked the veterans and told my Dad’s story of how he became a citizen.  If you want to know about this, let’s set up a time to discuss, but the moral of the COT was, we still live in the Greatest Country in the World.  We do have issues but with everything our country has to offer, no other country comes close.  We need to come together now more than ever before to keep that dream alive for everyone, as my parents did and like so many that seek it.

Closed us out in Prayer

SYITG! – Mufasa

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