December 18, 2020| The Combine | AO – Kiewit Middle School | 36°

PAX (14): Convoy, Chucky, Scrapper, Cutting Edge, Chicklets (Respect), Range Ball, Tube Socks, LPC (or TPC after this massive beatdown), Pantyhose, Starsky, Folsom, Hardhat, Sparty, Splinter

Q: Splinter

YHC welcomed 13 PAX to a beautiful warm morning. YHC was sure to mention what F3 is all about along with the 5 core principles.  YHC told the PAX they were a bit crazy for showing up this morning after the last beatdown that YHC was allowed to Q.  This comment brought forth a few comments that I will not repeat due to moral implications.  PAX were reminded that Splinter was not a professional and to modify exercises as needed.  This workout was merely a suggestion.


PAX moseyed to the south side of the track for a short warm-a-rama (no wasting precious time)

  • Tappy Taps – 10 – IC
  • Sun gods – 20 – IC (10 forward and 10 reverse)
  • Big ones – 10 – IC

The Thang

PAX were to line up along the south side of the field and give adequate space for some social distancing.  Chicklets asked what was wrong in YHC’s head last time I was allowed to Q so this time I wanted to make it more memorable.  The task set before the PAX was a workout designed to allow each PAX member to excel to as many reps as possible without downtime.  PAX were informed that the only break they would get was a 10 count they had to ask for.

Let’s get to work!

PAX were all lined up along the south side of the field with their coupon.  YHC was going to call out an exercise and the required number of reps.  PAX were to start exercise and first PAX to reach stated reps was to yell the number and PAX were to grab their coupon and murder merkin 10 paces until six was in.  When six was in PAX performed 20 air squats, ran to the north side of the field, then back to their coupon, picked up their coupon and carried coupon back to south side of field for the next exercise.  This was to repeat with a different starting exercise after each round.  The following ensued as we played in the snow before it all melted:

  • Merkins                                                           100
  • Murder Merkins                                              10 paces
  • Air Squats                                                       20 – On down
  • American Hammers                                        100
  • Murder Merkins                                              10 paces
  • Air Squats                                                       20 – On down
  • SSH                                                                 100
  • Murder Merkins                                              10 paces
  • Air Squats                                                       20 – On down
  • Alternating hand on coupon Merkins             100
  • Murder Merkins                                              10 paces
  • Air Squats                                                       20 – On down
  • LBC                                                                100
  • Murder Merkins                                              10 paces
  • Air Squats                                                       20 – On down
  • Seal Claps                                                       100
  • Murder Merkins                                              10 paces
  • Air Squats                                                       20 – On down
  • Overhead Press                                               75

…Folsom blacked out at this point…

  • Murder Merkins                                              10 paces
  • Air Squats                                                       20 – On down
  • Kettle Coupon Swings                                    50
  • Murder Merkins                                              10 paces
  • Air Squats                                                       20 – On down
  • Cupon Curls  (Folsom Celebrating the win)  40


Testing the limits is what we do.  The PAX stepped up to the challenge this morning and got after it.  YHC was only cursed at twice and was told I was Evil, which I love (builds my already too large ego).  The surprising thing to YHC as the Q was there was no complaining, guys just stepped up and worked HARD.  The men present this morning were inspiring to YHC, a lot of AO’s like to say they are the hardest working and they probably all are.  This morning at The Combine guys didn’t come asking for an IPAX type workout but when they showed up each one was like “let’s do this.” HIM all around this morning.  YHC designed this workout with three things in mind, first a quote from our original F3 Omaha Nathan “for the next 45 min I am not your friend” which he most likely borrowed from someone who borrowed it from someone who stole it from someone else, second is a quote from another F3 Omaha PAX member who is fond of stating “if you didn’t get a good workout that’s your own #$@!&$ fault” during his Q’s and third was the idea of how many reps can we get in during this workout, turns out to be lots… Sparty thank you for the chance to lead.


Circle of Trust:

YHC had to keep COT short this morning because we took every minute of time we could to try to complete a monster beatdown.  YHC gave an abbreviated version of a conversation I had last week with a fellow PAX member that YHC thought was important to share.  If you have been around F3 for long you know that during a mosey and prayer most PAX open up about struggles they are walking through and or things they are celebrating.  YHC and a fellow PAX member had been talking about a struggle the other PAX was having around not being able to have another kid.  The other PAX was sharing how hard it had been on marriage and questioning if past choices had affected the ability for him and his M to have any more kids.  We spoke of this for a number of months and then YHC found out that my M was going to have a kid.  YHC felt in a tight spot, do I share knowing the struggle of the other PAX, will this cause further hardship?  YHC decided to share during a prayer and was standing next to the PAX member that was struggling.  The fellow PAX member in a non-offensive way asked if he could “buy one off me.”  It was a funny spot to be in, YCH having seven 2.0’s already and the other PAX member just wanting and praying for a second.  Funny thing is that over the last few months YHC and the fellow PAX member have been able to both grieve and celebrate with one another.  Checking in on the others story, walking through the thick stuff and celebrating the small wins as they come.  So YHC wants to ask, when someone else gets what you want, how do you respond?  Do you respond with bitterness?  Are you able to celebrate when someone gets something you want?  Are you able to grieve with that same person who is struggling with something you have had a different outcome from?  What would it look like for you to take stock of what this looks like in your life?  I challenge you today to celebrate the success of others when they get what you have been hoping and wishing for.  The fellow PAX told me at the end of this conversation that “Expectations on getting what you want tend to turn into future resentment and bitterness so I just want to be thankful for where I am.”  AMEN to that PAX, be thankful for where you are.


Tons of F3 opportunities to serve and give coming up see Slack for details

Prayers for fellow PAX members who are struggling during this time

Santa Saunter (reach out to Jean Claude if you need info)

CSAUP coming this January (be prepared see slack for details)

COVID keep those who are on the front lines in your prayers. 

Due your part and help us keep things in check during workouts.  Space out and keep one another on our toes, if your brother has a problem being called out that is his issue and not yours.

–Prayed the PAX out



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