The Berm Backblast: Sixes First.

The Berm: Sixes First.

12/17/20. The Berm AO | Stone Creek Park | 

PAX: A twelve pack of HIM – Chucky (ending up bleeding), Butterfly (Respect, launched out of a slide, at a world record pace and distance), Theraband(the Q wasn’t certain of this HIM’s name and it is clearly audible during NOR..not a clue), Pantyhose (definitely the best-looking PAX members at this AO today), Short Sale (never seen someone leave after the first 100 yard mosey before and he was the first), Birdman (Coolest shovel flag, card carrier, of all Site Q’s) Skipper (Hugest of the Husker Fans! GBR me ASAP!), Nightcrawler (the six of sixes, leading a mosey with another six) Tube Socks (this PAX member has never put his foot in or around an ankle sock), The Curse (one of the biggest of compliments to the chef is when this guy is in your dining room), Roadhouse (frosted beard did not weigh him down during air presses) and the Q, Slow Pitch (good lord, this guy doesn’t have a clue)

Q: Slow Pitch

Weather:  Low 20’s, good windchill and at least 4 inches of snow on the ground.

Mission statement, 5 core principles, the Q did not mention that he wasn’t a professional and this would come back to bite him in the ass later. No FNG’s?

Mosey:  Follow the leader, slow guys in front of the fast guys. Sixes first, panties in the back. The Q informed the PAX, that if anyone fell out of order, the PAX would do 50 burpees. It was a short mosey down the sidewalk, past some trees, to the playground, then up and down slide to, eventually, gather at the picnic tables for Warmorama. Well, this looked good on paper.The Q practiced this, and it seemed fairly simple, however there were some challenges. The slide was crystalized from the moisture and cold, making it extremely fast, when gravity and mass are working together. After being first down the slide, the Q stood at the exit of the slide to illuminate the opening, so he got a front row seat at the PAX as they came out of the tunnel. Butterfly (Respect), somehow, shot down the slide at Evil Knievel, speed getting his feet above his eyebrows and winning the long-distance award, however, couldn’t stick the landing. A few other PAX may have never gone down a slide in their lifetime and were having challenges with the feet landing on the ground, after descending. And one PAX sat up before clearingthe roof of the slide, making a sound that was similar to hitting a trashcan with a hammer (So, sorry Chucky). The Q was then informed that he forgot to mention he wasn’t a professional(clearly). The PAX gathered by the picnic tables, to then hear the Q fumble around with words, saying incoherent sentences, followed by some hand gestures, then to be told by Short Sale that he was leaving.

The question was asked “has anyone ever left in the middle before?” and without hesitation, “my first wife,” cut through the cold air, providing some, well needed, laughter. Thank you, Roadhouse!  

Here the PAX performed Warmorama. Slow Pitch believes that every PAX member, including himself, could improve the size and shape of their calves. So, we focused on that region this morning.


Calf Raises – 30 on up

Chuck Norris Alternating Shoulder Taps – 30 IC

Pigeon Toed Calf Raise – 30 on up

Split Squat, Left leg on bench – 30 on down

Goofy Footed Calf Raise – 30 and an additional 10 because 100 calf raises are better for you 

Split Squat, Right leg on bench – 30 on down 

 Slow Pitch LOVES Pre-Thangs!  The Q will tell you what, these mamba jambas, stack up on yah.  Slow Pitch’s brain has a tough time counting up or down and especially with an exercise. The first round started to create some shakiness to the Q’s legs that is why he, stupidly, said we’re doing them again. Poor decision, but all survived.


Countdown, failure to launch count up, failure to launch: 

​Countdown to 10 in Al Gore, Jump Squat.

​Countdown to 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, with squats after each and back up to 10.

 ​And repeat.

Countdown to 10 in Al Gore, Jump Squat.

​Countdown to 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, with squats after each and back up to 10.

The THING – Count off into groups of 4, stay with that group of 4 or group of 3, now that were and 11 pack of HIMs, then complete exercises together.  Station 1 (South) is push group

Station 1: South Soccer Goal

​Complete all exercises and reps with partner, then mosey to North goal and push

To be completed each time at Station 1:- Werkins – 25- Carolina Dry Dock – 25- Hand Release – 25- Air Presses – 50- Run mofo, run!

Station 2; North Soccer Goal

​Complete all exercises and reps with partner, repeat if necessary, until released

To be completed each time at Station 2:- Groiners – 25- Forward Stationary Lunge – 25 each leg – Hydraulic Squats – 25 IC – Burpees – 25 – Repeat until released.

There were three groups, and all seemed to do very well throughout the exercises.  The Q will make adjustments in the future, as there wasn’t enough discomfort. Let’s get it out there: Hydraulic squats 25 IC is a bit to chew on and HR Merkinsplaced after to other shouldery exercises, makes for slower, sloppy reps. PAX may have made it through 1.5 rotations because the Pre-Thang got into it.

Call Omaha at 6:03?  Mosey to flags

Mary:- Crunches with hands inside legs: 20 IC- Arms out heads up Flutter Kick 20 IC- Frozen Freddys: 20 IC


The thing I shared with my wife because of F3. I had a conversation with my co-worker the other day and he asked me why I was so off. After being honest with myself, I explained to him that I felt the same way internally that I did two years ago, when I created a scene on Christmas Eve. Some of you know, some don’t, but I’m a recovering alcoholic and I’ve been sober for almost 14 years. That’s almost a long time for an alcoholic not to have a drink. The thing is, I threatened them, completely sober. I reacted in anembarrassing manner, because I wasn’t in a good place internally. Spiritually, maritally, physically or mentally and I wasn’t capable of handling a situation, logically and without reaction. A few weeks after that event, I made a commitment to myself to make changes. Ultimately, I started small, then I was a witness to two of my brothers and their changes. In April of 19, I posted for the first time, then it has snowballed from there. Now, there has been significant change since that event. Here’s the difference, when my co-worker asked me what was wrong, I had the ability to identify the feeling of anxiety, then rather than suppressing it, having the courage to discuss that feeling with my wife. Although that conversation was difficult, it might possibly prevent the same situation from happening. Secondly and most importantly, it was the first time I told my wife, I still suffer as an alcoholic and that I get anxiety knowing I might not have a way out of scenarios. There were no solutions provided just the conversation and the weight being lifted because I gave my wife a true part of me. I was vulnerable and I trusted she wouldn’t hurt me. The men of F3 have helped me have the courage to approach things that I am fearful of. I encourage you to be vulnerable with those you love and hopefully the love reciprocated is 10-fold from what you knew before that moment.

Roadhouse Prayed us out

Be vulnerable gents! – Slow Pitch

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