AO-The Woodshed, F3 Omaha

Q-Honey Stinger

PAX: Ponzi, Tater Tot, Slow Pitch, Khakis, 2 Step, Pony Express, Brick, Bloodshot, Biff, Buns of Steel, Icy Hot, Gunner, Swinger, Lucky Charms, 8 Mile, Polaroid, Touché, Gumbo, Grease Fire, Porta Jon, Hoosgow, Knobs, Drone Strike, Huffy

5:30am-Greetings, Mission, Core Principals, virtual hugs and handslaps

5:31am-PAX takes off on a short northward mosey across fields of snow and into a frozen tundra of a parking lot

WOR: Goof balls 12IC, Abe Vigodas 10 each direction, Sun Gods with calf raise-12IC, High Knees-12IC, tappy taps-12IC, imperial walkers-15IC

Pre pre thang- never short on action, Stinger immediately launches the PAX into a set of ATMs. Alternating shoulder taps-10IC, tempo merkins-10ic, Merkins-10

Then……BMWs. Bobby hurleys-15, monkey humpers-15ic, werkins-15

Then………….PPPs. Pickle pushers-10IC, plank jacks-10IC, pickle pounders-10IC

Then………………………Tootsie roll merkins-6IC.

Then PAX finishes their last tootsie roll merkin and immediately takes off on a mosey back down south way towards the playground equipment. Stinger divides the PAX into groups of 4.

Station 1-alternating step ups-15IC, Dips-15

Station 2-tummy tuck merkins on the swing-10IC. Group 2 was the push group

Station 3- Bench jumps-4 followed by 10 air squats then 5 burpees

Station 4-Tree climbs followed by 10 squat jumps

5:56am-Stinger yells Omaha and the PAX is feeling like they got off light. They knew better, Stinger leads them to the next challenge, a 3 man snow grinder. The PAX is instructed to team in 3s with 2 HIM on one en and one on the other with one of the two being the runner/pusher. On the north end were the following AMRAP exercises. Air Squats, jump squats, calf raises, monkey humpers, sumo squats. On the south end the following. Mountain climbers, cherry pickers, Carolina drydocks, seal claps, diamond merkins.

6:06am-Stinger yells Omaha and the PAX hustles back to the shovel flags for some 6MM. Flutter kicks-15IC, heal touches-15IC, low dolly-20, LBCs-10ic, Freddy Mercury’s-10IC, pickle pushers-10IC

Announcements, prayer requests. Many 3rd F opportunities including food delivery at Creighton Prep. coat drives, BOS Mother, 8 Miles family, Drone Strike cousin.

COT-Confidence can bring momentum and momentum creates real change. Sometimes someone just needs a little nudge in the right direction to give that confidence and create that momentum to bring on real change. These changes can be transformative and come be brought on in a number of different ways. Jump into things with both feet, with passion. Find that person that needs a bit of a nudge and don’t be afraid to give it to them. That’s what leadership looks like men. Cheers.

YHC-H. Stinger

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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