AO: The Maize

Date: 12/17/2020

Weather: Snow covered ground grassy areas, semi-clear pavement, 17 degrees, barely any wind

PAX (8): FDIC, Cheap Seats, Sasquash, Crab Cakes, Griswold, Chippendale, Yodel, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

Welcome: The two prerunners finished a little early and hung out in the parking lot as the PAX came rolling in. Everyone was chatting and we welcomed Chippendale to the Maize for his first post at the wonderful winter AO of the West O. At 0530, YHC went through the routine of citing the 3 F’s, the core principles, the mission statement, and a disclaimer. After the formalities, I told the PAX, “You are here, so you made the decision to show up this morning. I have a question that I’d like you to think about. Did you think about going back to sleep when you woke up? Did you make a commitment to yourself last night that you’d be here no matter what? We’ll follow up on this after the workout, which happens to be you vs. you. Not you vs. me. Not you vs. the guy next to you. Make this you vs. you and push yourself to make this challenging. You will have plenty of opportunity to make this as difficult as you’d like.”

Warmarama: Mosey to the grassy area West of the basketball court and circle up. Exercises were: Lunge Jacks x 10 IC; Flying Sun Gods (Nancy Kerigans) 10F IC 10R IC; Chinooks x 10 IC; Cherry Pickers x 15 IC; Seal Claps x 10 IC; Overhead Press x 10 IC; Abe Vigodas x 10 IC; Catalina Wine Mixers x 10 IC.

Do-ah-diddy to the playground by the lake. Single file line run with front man dropping for 5 burpees, then hollering out “Six” and taking the 6 position in line. When the front man hears “Six” he drops off for his 5 burpees. Continue this to the destination. We encountered the mysterious Whitehawk ruckers and failed to EH them as we were passing them and interrupting their ruck with guys doing burpees in their path (in hindsight, we maybe weren’t the most courteous bunch, but these guys also know that we’d like them to join us whenever they’re ready).

Flying Ducks on the playground. Line up in front of the swings. Each man thinks of his max reps of pull ups, then tells the person in front of him what that number is. Then everyone was directed to add two more reps to the number. Man at the front of the line does his pull ups while the group holds a duck walk/squat pose (and flap those arms like in the chicken dance). As each man finishes his pull ups, then next man goes, and the guys finishing line up on the opposite side of the swings and resume the duck walk pose. After everyone went through, we repeat, except everyone does flutter kicks when not doing pull ups. The bar was very frosty and it was a challenge to even hold onto it. The modification for pullups was rows on the swings.

Run to the top of the hill past the street splitting Whitehawk and Copperfields. This is approximately 1/2 mile and YHC told everyone to run fast and do Monkey Humpers at the top of the hill until the 6 gets in. A hard run through snowy fields and drifts adds a nice level of resistance.

At the hill, we did a “Grizzcalator” which was modified since there are no stairs at The Maize. PAX lined up at the bottom of the hill. Front man bear crawls up the hill and does 10 clap merkins at the top, then yells “Go” to release the next guy. Get down the hill however you’d like (run, slide, roll, etc.). As PAX wait their turn to bear crawl, they were doing chill cut peter parkers. Omaha was called once everyone got through the line.

Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary. 6MOM consisted of: Crunchy Frogs x 15 IC; Heels to Heaven x 15 IC; then HH asked Yodel for his favorite number: 21. Then Chippendale was asked his favorite number: 10. Then FDIC was asked his favorite number: 7. “Alright, we’re gonna do Hammers!”. Questions arose like, “did you just added them all together?” “Maybe. Maybe I multiplied a couple of them.” We ended up doing 38 Hammers.

Closing: Lots of announcements; Donate lbs for Queenservice which wraps up Monday; CSAUP on 1/2/21; Santa Saunter on 12/26; Food drive donation at the Sandlot on 12/24. No prayer requests were presented. COT: Thinking back to that question about showing up and committing to be here. If you made the decision to be here and there was no questioning actually doing it, you probably had a better experience than if you had been on the fence about coming out. In a conversation with Jean Claude last week, we discussed some mental strength things and he recommended listening to a podcast that dove into the topic of fighting limbic friction (brain talk). I’ve recognized at times in my life where if I don’t make quitting an option, that I have a good experience with something. Listening to a neurologist talk about the actual science behind this really woke me up to the potential of making decisions and not giving yourself a way out. If you are faced with a challenge, make a decision, and then don’t question it. You’ll free up mental energy to focus more on that task. It’ll result in better performance. Thoughts of quitting will exhaust you quicker than if quitting isn’t an option. This doesn’t just apply to workouts. If you are facing challenges at work or home, make a decision, a commitment, and attack it with more energy because you won’t let yourself quit. This topic came up at a good time for me, because I’ve been dealing with some struggles at home that have had me unsure about what my life might look like in a few months. Realizing this take on making decisions, has already helped with deal with these issues better than if I wasn’t aware of this.

SYITG! – Hard Hat

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