December 11, 2020 / AO – Golden Spike / Temperature: 37 degrees with some north wind which made it feel a little colder especially on the track with the wind in your face

Pax:  U-Haul, Room Service, Space Bar, Ebert, Water Boy, Iced T, Hoosegow, Roll Bar, Tonight Show, Folsom, Dino, Tugboat, Super Tasty, Flipper (hate/hate), Beta Max, TC (respect), Mother Goose, Z-Bo, Tuner, Mufasa, Vandelay (respect), and Saul.

Q: Wentworth

Started promptly and welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30.   The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and 5 Core Principles were given.  The men then made their way around the trail for a mosey.

Mission:  The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership.

Core Principles:1)       Free of charge

                          2)       Open to all men

                          3)       Held outdoors

                          4)       Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion

                          5)       Must end in a Circle of Trust


Mountain Climbers 20 IC / Windmills 10 IC / Cherry Pickers 20 IC / 5 walk-out merkins / 20 copperhead squats

Pre-Thang  (partner up or form a small group of 3-4)

Burpee Mile 12 burpees, then a lap, for 4 laps and 48 burpees (YHC underestimated the time to do the burpee mile and we ended up stopping after 3 rounds)


Broke the PAX into groups of 3

Group 1  Goal line with these exercises

            100 Merkins

            150 Air Squats

            100 Mountain Climbers IC

            150 Lunges (75/leg)

            100 Big Boys

            150 Butt Kicks

Group 2  Push group heads to the 50 for 3 burpees and then relieves the other goal line

Group 3  Goal line with these exercises       

             100 Dying Cockroaches

             150 Carolina Dry Docks

             100 Alternating Shoulder Taps

             150 Flutter Kicks (IC)

             100 Werkins

             150 High Knees

If my Apple Watch isn’t lying too much on the calories burned, it was a pretty solid beat down.  I figured most of the PAX did about 65-75 burpees during the workout.  There was some mumblechatter about the number of burpees and when did Wentworth start liking burpees…?  I could feel some hate during the Mary, but I embraced it as a compliment and proceeded.


  1. LBC’s x 20 IC
  2. Box Cutters x 20 IC
  3. Freddy Mercury’s x 20 IC
  4. American Hammers – IC from each person in the circle


            Please keep Water Boy’s cousin Julie in your prayers as she has had some health issues and has about a 3-month recovery. 

            CSAUP January 2nd, start training now to get your body ready for the challenge

            Don’t forget that the 2nd Queenservice challenge is still going until December 21st and there are some guys who could use some help with a couple pounds.  Please let Beta Max or TC know if you would like to donate some lost pounds to the group goal.

COT:  Reflecting back to what Space Bar was talking about Monday at the Octagon for his COT about reflecting at the year and remembering all of the good things.  I have been thinking about this since Monday and have came up with quite a few items.  My family life is in a much better place than it has been in for quite some time.  Having more time to sit down as a family for dinner every night has been great.  Without the distractions like sports and entertainment, we have really bonded more during these past 9 months.  My M and I will be empty nesters technically next year although our daughter still lives with us as she is in nursing school here in Omaha, but our kids will be in college or graduated.  Having this quality time together without distractions has been a blessing that we will probably look back at for many years down the road.  I also wouldn’t have been able to be as active with F3 during this time if I weren’t “working from home.”  My job is in Lincoln, so I was having to drive an hour each way and now I have filled those 2 hours with F3 and coffeeteria most mornings.  Being more involved in F3 has led to strong friendships in the PAX and my participation in the two Queenservice challenges where I am now down about 40 pounds.  I have TC and Beta to thank for the accountability as well as all of those who have slowed down to pre-run with me in the gloom. I also saw something on Twitter yesterday about writing a letter to your future self by reflecting on what 2020 has been like and what you are looking forward to and maybe what you have learned about yourself during the pandemic.  (This article also encouraged having your whole family also do this exercise.)  Put the letter away in a safe spot and not reading it until 2040 or later.  Just imagine if you would have done this after 9-11-01, what would you have written and how would that make you feel on 9-11-2021 which is only 10 months from now.  I remember the feeling of uncertainty which is what many of us are feeling today.  We don’t know when we will be going back into the office for work, we don’t know when we will be taking a “real” vacation again, we don’t know when we will be boarding a plane, attending a college or pro sporting event or concert, traveling to another country, getting together with your extended family, what about weddings, funerals, etc.

Prayer was started with about 30 seconds of silence for reflection on 2020 and all the positive things that have come about as a result of the Covid-19 virus.



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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