December 10, 2020 | The Combine | Kiewit Middle School | 37 deg. – slight breeze, no precipitation.

20 PAX: Tater Tot, Mac’n Cheese, Panty Hose, Armbruh, Sparty, Chucky, Sister Act, Scrapper, Slow Pitch, Cataracts, Skipper, Nailed It, Moon Man, Hard Hat, Roadhouse, Big One, Othellooooo, FDIC, Doppler, Griswold.

QIC: Griswold

Healthy group of pre-runners this morning.  These guys absolutely earned their breakfast today.

5:15am: Griswold welcomed the PAX to F3, reminding them of our mission statement & 5 core principles.  No FNG’s present today.

Warm-a-rama: 5 Side Straddle Hops IC

That concludes WOR.

Next, I asked the group to pair up and get right into “the thang.”

2 man Grinder Mile.  1st man up runs a lap while their partner does Bonnie Blairs until they finish the lap, then they switch.  2nd part, 1st guy runs a lap while their partner does Monkey Humpers until lap is finished, then switch again.  Good, no, GREAT mumble chatter for this one. 

Once all completed, I asked the PAX to stay paired up for the next portion.

Modified Lazy Dora. 100 merkins, 200 air squats as a collective pairing.  For Merkins, 1st man up does 10 merkins while their partner holds plank, then continue that process until 100 Merkins were complete.  Same process for Air Squats except reps of 25 while partner held squat position.

Next we circled up and I asked the PAX to count off in 4’s.  This last portion of todays Beatdown was a 4 group grinder that we took to the football field to complete.

Station 1 ( starting Push group ) – 10 burpees  ( Run to station 2 )

Station 2 – ( AMRAP until pushed ) Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Alternating Shoulder Taps ( Bear Crawl to station 3 )

Station 3 – ( AMRAP until pushed ) Sumo Squats, Hydraulic Squats ( ouch ), Lunges ( Run to station 4 )

Station 4 – ( AMRAP until pushed ) LBC’s, Flutter kicks, Freddie Mercury’s  ( Bear Crawl to station 1 )

We did this until Omaha was called.

MARY:  I asked the PAX to stay in their 4 groups for Mary and take turns choosing whatever core exercises they wanted until Final Omaha was called at 6am.

PAX gathered by Shovel Flags for Name-o-Rama

Announcements: CSAUP January 2nd ( more to come ), Queen Service Help, Ferdinand Food Drive, Karma Coffee Help.

Prayer Requests: Mac & Cheese and Wait Time’s families.

COT: INSPIRATION!  Where does your Inspiration come from?  Maybe a book, movie, song, art, M’s or 2.0’s?  My inspiration for today came from my fellow PAX of F3.  I paid homage to Sparty, Hard Hat and Icy Hot today because after their beatdowns I attended, I felt inspired.  They were either fun, challenging or creative, or all of thee above. Allow yourself to be inspired and be an inspiration to others by being enthusiastic, lead by example and be open to anything and everyone.  It’s the one way you can live your own truth.  I thanked the PAX and thanked Sparty for allowing me to lead them today.  I was an honor and a privilege since they’ve given me so much inspiration to accelerate my 3 F’s.

Sparty took us out in Prayer!

Humbly, Griswold

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