Futurama Backblast: “Weakness”

Futurama Backblast – December 10, 2020 

26 PAX: Sticky Bandit (hate), Toadstool, TC (respect), Frosty, Two Step, Port-A-John, Buns of Steel, Hashtag (hate), Haggar (hate hate), Mother Goose, Polaroid, Hipster (respect respect), Tater Tot, Spreadsheet (hate), Side Dish (hate) Othello, Gobbler, Garfield (FNG), Arm Bar, Grease Fire, Uhaul, Slow Pitch, Mac ‘n Cheese (hate), Touché

Q: Lucky Charms

A gorgeous morning welcomed the PAX to the gloom (including many who pre-ran the beatdown). YHC doesn’t always have good luck at Futurama (ice, snow, thunder, and lightning have all previously made appearances), so this was a welcome treat. It was in the mid 30s, clear, no wind. What else could you ask for in December? With one FNG, Michael (Garfield), YHC gave the 5 core principles, stated what F3 is and our mission statement and made sure to warn everyone that I am not an expert and to modify. 

Started with a short mosey around the monument and back down to the bottom of the stairs for warm-a-rama. 


  • Big ones – 10 IC
  • Sun Gods – 10 IC each direction
  • Tappy Taps – 12 IC


The PAX broke out into three groups. One group stayed at the bottom of the stairs and did AMRAP cherry pickers. One group went to the top of the stairs and did AMRAP SSH. The third group was the push. PAX was instructed to not push until the 6 was completely off the stairs. You know we pick up the 6 around here. 


In the same three groups, PAX moseyed down the hill to two cones near Dodge St. Each cone had 6 exercises listed. One group started at each cone and a push group. YHC instructed that we would be running backward between cones and to wait until the 6 was at the cone before pushing. It’s worth calling out that during instructions for the Thang, a shooting star graced us in the gloom and caused enough commotion to make several PAX think that people really like the idea of running backward. 

Cone 1 Exercises

  • Alternating lunges
  • Monkey humpers
  • Heel touches
  • Copperhead squats
  • Air squats
  • Freddy mercury

Cone 2 Exercises: 

  • Merkins with row 
  • Low Dollies 
  • Moroccan Night Clubs
  • Merkins
  • LBCs
  • Overhead claps IC

With the main Thang done, it was now time to go back up to the shovel flags. However, since we started with a nice easy beatdown, we had to ramp it up. Within their smaller groups, PAX did a 10-count bear crawl followed by a 10-count reverse lunge and repeated all the way to the top of the hill. This greatly reduced mumble chatter that previously echoed through the park. 

Up at the top, we finished up with 15 more Merkins with a row before the final Omaha was called. After all, we don’t do 6MOM at Futurama.  

  • Announcements
    • CSAUP January 2. “Details to follow” is now the official theme I believe. 
    • Queenservice challenge is wrapping up, but they need some help. Reach out to TC, Beta Max, or YHC to get involved. You can also volunteer to lose a few lbs for the group through slack. Thanks for stepping up HIMs!
    • Two-Step mentioned something about getting high and encourage people to Q. So step up, lead us, and get high I guess.   
  • Prayers
    • Several PAX have recently experienced the passing of someone close to them. Please keep the following in your prayers. 
      • Uhaul’s friend recently passed from pancreatic cancer. 
      • Wait Time’s father in law
      • Huffy’s grandfather
    • Several other PAX have folks who are sick, and we hope they recover quickly.
      • Mac ‘n Cheese’s father in law Mike
      • A coworker of Hipster’s husband. 
  • COT/Prayer
    • A lot of strong COTs recently moved me. Uhaul and Splinter (Cell) had COTs with energy, strength, and talked about taking action and overcoming adversity. I couldn’t say something more motivational than they did, so I shared a piece of why I keep showing up … I’m weak. Not just of the body, but mind and spirit quite a bit. I’m quick to get angry, I take things personally, I shut down. Part of being a leader is understanding your weaknesses and using people around you for strength. Thank you to all the crazy fools who show up in the gloom and give me examples of how to live, how to react, and how to treat others. You all unknowingly have shaped my personality, my response to stress or anger, and even my physical weaknesses, and I want to thank you for that. Consider that when you show up every day. Lean on others and be there for others to lean on. Thank you all for making me stronger. 
    • YHC lead us out in prayer. 
  • Coffeteria followed for those looking to enjoy this beautiful morning!



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