Saturday 12/05/2020

Aldrich Elementary, Omaha NE

41 degrees clear skies with a slight breeze

PAX: Crab Cakes, Room Service, Honey Stinger, Pele, Mufasa, UHAUL, Folsom, Kill Switch, Selek, 6th Shooter, Vandelay (respect), Umbro, Cheap Seats

QIC — Cheap Seats

Cheap Seats welcomed 13 PAX to the Oracle.  Gave the mission statement, disclaimer and Credo.

The PAX did a small mosey across the parking lot to a business parking lot to start warm-o-rama.


Side Straddle Hop — 20 IC

Tappy Taps — 15 IC

Windmills — 12 IC

Big Ones – 12 IC

Pre-Thang: Cheap Seats then decided to spice it up and go on a long mosey for just over a mile around the office complex. This decision was meant with some resistance from the PAX as they thought I had confused The Oracle with Paradise:) Selek and Mufasa gave Cheap Seats the death stare!

After the mile mosey was complete we settled into the first pre thang which consisted of the PAX partnering up along an incline grassy hill.  One HIM started at the bottom of the hill and preformed 3 exercises (5 burpees, 10 groiners, and 15 alternating shoulder taps).  The other HIM was at the top of the hill Amrapping their favorite merkin.  Once the HIM at the bottom of the hill was finished with the three exercises they would push to the top of the hill by running backwards to switch with their partner.  We rinsed and repeated 3 times.

We then moseyed to the front doors of the elementary school for the second pre thang.  The PAX performed two rounds of three exercises (20 derkins, 20 dips and 20 step ups)

Thang: The PAX then moseyed about a quarter of a mile and started the Thang which was called the escalator. This was performed in the back of the school on an open grassy field. The escalator consisted of 5 different exercises going up in increments of 10 until we go to 50. We did 10 knee jumps, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 30 merkins, 40 lpcs and 50 walking lunges.

The PAX then did another quarter mile mosey in a circle around the school and ended up at the same grassy field to perform another round of the escalator. This time we did 10 knee jumps, 20 air squats, 30 sun gods, 40 lpcs and 50 walking lunges.  This completed the Thang and the PAX moseyed back to the flags for 6MOM.


15 flutter kicks IC

15 heals to heaven on my up

Vandelay led 15 box cutters IC

We finished with every PAX member doing 2 American Hammer until it ended with Cheap Seats for a total of 26IC.

Announcements/Prayer Requests

We discussed the CSAAP happening on Jan 2nd.  More news to come in the next couple of weeks

Prayer Request – we sent out prayers for Wait Time and his family as his father in law passed away.


I led the group in a discussion about my faith journey over the past 18 months and expressed my gratitude towards the men of my church leading me to the men of F3.  I discussed how it’s help me stay on the straight and narrow and really hold me accountable.  I challenged the PAX to have an accountability partner they can always rely on and will always hold them accountable.  It’s been a blessing for me and really helped me grow as a father and husband!

Cheap Seats closed with a prayer

We also closed with having everybody pick the score of the Husker/Purdue game. Below are the scores and Mufasa is the big winner and gets a prize next time Cheap Seats and him meet up.

Mufasa 37-30 Huskers

Pele. 24-20 Huskers

Vandelay 35-30 Huskers

Room service 33-17 Huskers

Crab cakes 26-24 Huskers

Umbro 24-10 Purdue

Selek 30-24 Huskers

6 shooter Purdue 42-18 

Folsom. 23-10

Honey Stinger 30-27 

Kill switch 34-28 Huskers

Uhaul 17-15 Huskers

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