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PAX: Hashtag, Frosty, Buns of Steel, Bovine, Grease Fire, Spreadsheet (Hate), Chicklets (Respect), Polaroid, Flanders, E85 (Hate), Sister Act, Port-a-John, Shute (FNG), Armbar, Sticky Bandit, Lucky Charms, LeDoux, Two Step, Splinter

Q: Splinter

YHC welcomed 18 PAX and 1 FNG to a beautiful chrispmorning. YHC stated what F3 is all about along with the 5 core principles. YHC asked that the PAX try to complete each workout at each station, this prompted a plethora of mumble chatter.  PAX were encouraged to try to make it through each station 2 times (YHC did not think it possible but was ready to be proven wrong!).  YHC was pleased with the amount of anticipation that was in the air and YHC did remind PAX that Splinter was not a professional and to modify exercises as needed.  This workout was merely a suggestion. 


PAX moseyed to the center of the grassy area for a short warm-a-rama (no wasting precious time)o Sun gods – 20 – IC (10 forward and 10 reverse)o Windmills – 10 – ICo Cherry pickers – 10 – IC

The Thang

PAX were split into 5 groups for what was to be a beatdown that left Chicklets asking YHC what was wrong in YHC’s head. PAX were to proceed to stations and perform all exercises on the sheet and then mosey to the next station in a clockwise fashion.  

Station #1 –

Alternating Shoulder Taps with a Merkin​​25 – IC

Monkey Humpers​​​ ​​40 – IC

Burpees​ ​​​​​20 Reps OYO

Station #2 – 

Alternating Shoulder Taps with a Merkin​​25 – IC

Big Boyz​​​​ ​​40 Reps on UP

Burpees​ ​​​​​20 Reps OYO

Station #3 – 

Alternating Shoulder Taps with a Merkin​​25 – IC

Pull Ups​​​​​​15 Reps on UP

Hanging Leg Raises​​​​​15 Reps on UP

Burpees​ ​​​​​20 Reps OYO

Station #4 – 

Alternating Shoulder Taps with a Merkin​​25 – IC

Heals to Hevan​​​ ​​25 – IC 

Burpees​ ​​​​​20 Reps OYO

Station #5 – 

Alternating Shoulder Taps with a Merkin​​25 – IC

Sun gods ​​​​ ​​50 – IC (25 Front 25 Reverse)

Burpees​ ​​​​​20 Reps OYO

Testing the limits is what we do to grow.  The PAX stepped up to the challenge this morning and while mumble chatter had diminished YHC heard the comment “I bet I know what’s on the next sheet” yelled multiple times throughout the morning. Armbar was kind enough to point out that he may have made a mistake passing Westside High School this morning on the way in.  YHC was pleased with the beatdown (many feeling like they had just had a splinter shoved under a finger nail with the pain they were feeling) and it was time for Mary.

The PAX were a strong group this morning and completed a TON of Burpees and Alternating Shoulder Taps with a Merkin, hundreds I tell you!  Well done to the HIM’s who showed the courage to post at Cornhusker!

Marryo Hammers – 1 Each PAX Member (19 total)o Burpees – 10 OYO


Welcome to FNG – Schute

Circle of Trust:

YHC has been thinking about conversations that have been coming up in daily life and one of the things that YHC has been thinking through is “am I a part of the problem or part of the solution”?   YHC would bet that while a lot of us do not feel like we are a part of the problem, we are not always a part of the solution either.  Sometimes being a part of the solution is having a hard conversation or even as easy as being a willing listener.  It can be holding back what you want to say and finding a productive environment to communicate your thoughts.  Being a part of the solution does not involve talking to people who you do not have a direct issue with about someone who you do. Getting perspective on a situation is one thing, gossip is another.  I don’t know why this is an important issue to YHC, but it has been something that concerns me about the way we fail to engage with purpose in meaningful conversations.  Be a willing part of the solution.  As one of our great Presidents Teddy Roosevelt once said “speak softly and carry a big stick”.  YHCloves this quote as it shows that as F3 men we don’t have to be loud jerks or cheat to get ahead but can be difference makers if we are willing to be a part of the solution in our relationships, community and anywhere we are able.  The stick may not be a treating weapon but it can have a great impact.  Make the conscious choice today, don’t jump ship if things get hard, be a part of the solution. One of the hardest parts of the day is rolling out of the fart sack to post in cold weather and you have already done that part, implement this drive in all you do today.


Chicklet’s friend who is having some minor difficulties after a routine surgery

Safe Ride and Wait Time for their receint loss of loved ones

CSAUP coming this January (be prepared see slack for details)

COVID keep those who are on the front lines in your prayers.  

Due your part and help us keep things in check during workouts.  Space out and keep one another on our toes, if your brother has a problem being called out that is his issue and not yours.

–Prayed the PAX out


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