Mother Goose VQ 12/4/20

December 4th, 2020|AO- Golden Spike|26 Degrees

33 PAX: FDIC, Vandelay (Respect), Splinter… Cell, Convoy, Black Flag, Tuner, Z-bo, Cheap Seats, Room Service, Flying Tomato, Moon Man, Doppler, Mufasa, Bonnie, Super Tasty, Wait Time, Ebert, Big One, Wide Right, Griswold, Tater Tot, Dino, Ice T, Trench, Jean Claude, KOA, Slow Pitch, Space Bar, Wentworth, Roadhouse, Patten (Respect), Saul

Q- Mother Goose (VQ)

5:30 AM- YHC welcomed the PAX to F3 and somehow stumbled through the 3 F’s before accurately reciting the mission and 5 principles of F3.  The PAX was reminded that YHC was not a professional, and since it was his VQ, he was the most amateur of amateurs.  They were advised to modify as needed. No FNG’s in attendance, just grizzled veterans.


The PAX were instructed to enter through the gate and form groups of three in the south end zone, with 2 PAX staying on the goal line and one heading to the 30 yard line.  30 yards is 90 feet, or the distance between bases in Baseball.  YHC was a former Baseball/Football coach so he would revert to old habits throughout the Beatdown. 

Each group of 3 PAX executed a mosey grinder, with stationary exercises on the goal line alternating between SSH’s and Cherry Pickers, and exercises on the 30 alternating between Tappy Taps and Windmills.  This lasted for the entirety of “Kickstart my Heart” by Motley Crue.

The Thang

The PAX were instructed to space out evenly along the west side line to allow for social distancing.  They would complete a 5 stage cycle, with each stage including a moving exercise to the first hash, a middle mosey or “MM” to the second, and another moving exercise to the opposite sideline.  They would then run back to where they started and perform two stationary exercises before going to the next stage.  YHC demonstrated a few of the exercises but forgot to demonstrate an important one and forgot to inform the PAX that if they complete the 5 stages they should rinse and repeat.

Stage 1: Lunges with a trunk twist, MM, High Knees- Run Back- 25 Merkins and 50 Air Squats

Stage 2: Reverse Lunges, MM, Butt Kicks- Run Back- 15 Burpees and 25 American Hammers IC

Stage 3: Lateral Squat Shuffle facing south, MM, Lateral Squat Shuffle facing north- Run Back- 25 Carolina Dry Docks and 25 Freddie Mercury’s IC

Stage 4: Caterpillars, MM, Super Mario’s- Run Back- 25 ATM’s IC and 15 Makhtar’s IC

Stage 5: Bear Crawl, MM, Slalom Jumps- Run Back- 25 Diamond Merkins and 30 Alternating One-leg Squats IC (15 each leg) *this is the one that YHC forgot to demonstrate beforehand and learned once watching the PAX modify, adapt, and overcome*

6:02 “Omaha” was called and the PAX formed a large circle at midfield and counted off.


Shoulder burnout with a 33 IC count for each based on 33 PAX in attendance:

  1. Sun Gods
  2. Reverse Sun Gods
  3. Seal Claps
  4. Overhead Claps
  5. Pulses (around this time YHC was reminded of the time by Site Q Saul)
  6. Arnold Press (only did 10 as time was running out)

20 American Hammers IC

6:10 Name-O-Rama after which YHC forgot to wait for announcements before going into his COT.


As this is my VQ, I think it is important to first let you know a little about my lens through which I view the third F.  I was involved in Jesuit schools for 20 years as a student or teacher.  Ignatian spirituality speaks to me and I find it to be the way through which I see my relationship with Sky Q.  One of my favorite teachings of Ignatius is to Find God in All Things.  That can be very difficult sometimes.  It is challenging to find God in a pandemic, acts of terrorism or violence, oppression, or even in a simple thing such as stubbing your toe.

I now work in a Sacred Heart school.  The Society of the Sacred Heart has helped me form new ways to develop my relationship with Sky Q and a broader lens to view the third F.  As an Athletic Director, I recently had the opportunity to lead a group of our student-athletes in a virtual summit on sportsmanship and leadership.  One of the panelists challenged us to find “the Message in the Mess.”  I found that to be a practical way to find God in the most difficult of things, especially those which 2020 has wrought.

I started experiencing mental health issues for the first time in my life in March at the outset of the pandemic.  As someone who values being in control and having a routine, the sudden shutdown of schools and so many of my normal activities put me in a tailspin. My anxiety began as physical symptoms and progressed into mental heaviness.  I had thoughts—dark thoughts—that I had never experienced before.  I knew I needed help.  It was a mess.  I was a mess.

The message in the mess for me was that I had an excellent support structure.  I was fortunate in that I was not afraid or embarrassed to talk about it.  I told everyone.  My Mom works in Psychiatry residency and was able to connect me with a professional to discuss what I was experiencing and ways to combat it.  I suddenly had friends and family members that would text or call me outside of the group chat or Zoom to say they had gone through it als and offered me advice based on what had helped them.

I wish I would have discovered F3 back then.  It is helping me so much right now since my first post on 10-30.  It hasn’t made the anxiety disappear overnight, but it has helped me prepare to take on difficult times knowing that 1. I had already accomplished a very difficult physical and mental task in a morning beatdown and 2. I am in a community of men that have expressed similar struggles and make me feel exceedingly welcome and supported.  (Didn’t mention this today to the group, but having 33 PAX there and some I know that travelled away from their normal spot based on geography was very humbling and meant a lot to me.)

One of my favorite Sacred Heart traditions is a moment of Espacio.  It is a time for “space,” a brief minute to silence yourself, be still, let your stress or list of to-do’s vanish, and simply allow the Holy Spirit to fill you and prepare you for your next task.  I invited the PAX to take a moment of Espacio to reflect on something in their life that could only be defined as a mess, and to think about what the message might be in that mess.


Patten shared an awesome proud Dad moment about his son’s first high school wrestling meet. (as an AD, YHC told him that is EXACTLY why we need to keep kids involved in sports during this time).

Tater Tot shared info on the upcoming CSAUP and the First Friday Second F today (check Slack).

Saul shared some very kind words about YHC.  I was overcome with gratitude.

Prayer intentions were offered and YHC led the PAX in one of his favorite prayers, St. Ignatius’s Prayer for Generosity:

Lord, teach us to be generous.  Teach us to serve as You deserve; To give and not to count the cost; To fight and not to heed the wounds; To toil and not to seek for rest; to labor and not to ask for reward, save that of knowing that we do Your will. Amen.

Loved my VQ and can’t wait to do it again.  Cheers, Mother Goose.

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