December 1st, 2020 | AO – The Sanitarium | 19 Degrees

26 PAX: Marv, Girl Dad, Wentworth, Arch, The Big One, Bodie, Tater Tot, Zorro, Folsom, Trench, Patton (Respect), KOA, Honey Stinger, Gobbler, Squeaky Clean, Pea Soup, Jean Claude, Tony the Tiger, High Life, Ferdinand, Maaco, Doppler, Firewalker, Sparty and Wait Time

Q – Knobs

0530, YHC welcomed the PAX to the grand opening of The Sanitarium. Promptly went through the mission and 5 core principles before moseying down the track for our beatdown. The beatdown today was meant to keep the PAX in smaller groups but they would always be moving throughout the Pre-Thang and The Thang. Heart r

Warm-O-Rama @ 5:33; 7 min

  • 1 Lap around track; Circle up on field
  • Side Straddle Hop 25
  • Tappy Taps 10 IC  
  • Abe Vigoda’s 10 IC
  • Albatross Bat Wings (fwd, backward, seal claps, overhead) & Cherry Pickers 15 IC w/ Calve raises 
  • A-T-M’s 
    • Alt Shoulder Taps 15 IC
    • Tempo Merkins 15 IC
    • Merkins 15 IC 
  • Number off into 4 groups; Mosey to The Hill

Pre-Thang @ 5:40 ; move to hill; 10 min

  • #1: (Bottom of Hill); Sumo Squat; Move when #2 gets to middle cone
  • #2: (Bottom of Hill); Lunge uphill to middle cone; then reverse run to top
  • #3: (Start on middle cone); Reverse run uphill to top
  • #4: (Top of Hill); Alternating Side Squats; Duckwalk down to middle cone; then Crabwalk to bottom

The Thang @ 5:50; 18 min; Killer B’S; 4 groups- Start at each of cones

  • Burpees’ (5)
  • Broad Jump (5)
  • Murder Bunnies (minus coupon) (5) 
  • Bear Crawl to Cone; Repeat to cone opposite side of field 
  • Run 200 m Clockwise on track
  • Rinse & Repeat

Mary @ 6:08

  • LBC 
  • Sarpy Slammers


Announcements/Prayers: First Friday Zoom call. Prayers for those affected by Covid; Healthcare professional, Students, Teachers and all those people in the background that keep our days moving safely.

CoT: Replace the words “Sorry” by saying “Thank You”.  By changing the tone of our language and showing appreciation vs empty words it changes a lot.  Wether you know it or not,  your body language, tone and words can set the mood for your household. Keep work stress at work, spend time with your family and truly appreciate what you have waiting for you at home. 



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The Sanitarium

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