5:30AM on 12/3/2020

7 HIM: Crabcakes, Pothole, Yodel, FNG Prison Break, Tonight Show, Mufasa, Sasquash

The morning came fast and it was a matter of who was going to take the red pill and show up for a beatdown at the one and only Maize. Pothole came steaming in like The Big One while a monster red truck looked ready to squash all other six vehicles at once. Sasquash started and welcomed everyone. He thought that there were no FNG‘s but yes he was wrong. Zero Res was their in spirit as his FNG Jeff embarked on a new journey in the gloom. After F3’s mission and 5 principals, we quickly moseyed over to the main Warm-o-Rama basketball court for a slow painful Sun God experience. It was then time to mention our Maize OG Ethanol’s legendary “pet rock” / PR workout. It seemed as if the HIM were a bit perplexed and unsure what to think about the PR.

As the clock continued to tick, it was clear that our ability to take our PR’s around the lake was just not in the cards. 

On the way to our PR destination, we made a few pit stops for some Al Gore tree hugging, Air Squats and Merkins. 

Finally, we had arrived. Fortunately or unfortunately enough, Crabcakes hand-picked a majority of the rocks that varied from 15 to 30 pounds. T-claps to Pothole for finding a few diamonds in the rough. 

We all had our very own PR to take care of. We spread out 6ft* apart from one another at the bottom of the berm and begun.

  • We started with Bear Crawls up to the top of the hill while chucking our rock up in between crawls. Once we got to the top, we did Air Squats with our PR of course. (A lady and her dogs walked by and seemed a bit concerned by our approach (dogs were… not happy either as they growled over at us)) The theme stayed quite consistent with 20 reps for the never ending 2020. 
  • We then held a rock above our head, while trying to keep our back straight, and duck walked down the berm from where we started. 20 reps of alternating Copperhead Lunges… Bear Crawl up the hill again. 
  • Diamond Merkins while on the rock took shape. 
  • Duck walks back down with PR.
  • “Yodel, give us a 10 count.” -Sasquash knew it was needed.

Legs were getting heavy and it was time to make our way back home.

The PR’s were now only a memory as we ditched them back where they belong.

We made a quick pit stop on the way back to remember Al Gore once again.

One group made it back to the shovel flag first and decided to get some extra credit in with Flutter Kicks. Why not? Once the six was in, we ended with 20 American Hammers because that is what we do.

We counted off and then explained to Jeff how Warm-o-Rama goes. Jeff made it clear that he could not feel his legs. Sasquash quickly wondered if the PR’s were too much for the FNG but as the saying goes “this too shall pass.” We push past our limiting beliefs after showing up. This was CoT talk.

Warm-o-Rama went down and Jeff made his way to the middle for his moment. Mufasa gets credit for Prison Break. You will have to ask him how this name came to be.

CoT- The toughest decision every day is to get out of bed. Once you do that, everything gets easier. Continue to “show up” and release your “limited beliefs.” Too many people allow the voice in their head to control what they can and can’t do. Believe in yourself and continue to take care of your pet rock aka your loved ones.

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