December 2, 2020 | AO: Top Rope, F3 Omaha

Q-Honey Stinger

PAX: Saul, U-Haul, Room Service, Chucky, Mother Goose, Dr. Thunder, Pain Killer, Brick, Toad Stool, Thor, Arm Bar, Kill Switch, Skipper, Flanders, Tube Socks, Theraband, Father Time.

5:30-Greetings, Mission Statement, core principals.

The PAX takes off for a solid mosey around the school and then circles up at the shovel flags for a brisk faced paced WOR

WOR: Goof balls-15IC, Sun Gods/Calf raise-10IC, High Knees-12IC, tappy taps-12IC, Hillbilly Rocketts-10IC, Tater Taps-12IC, Hillbilly’s-12IC

Pre pre thang-after WOR Stinger launches into a faced pace set of ATMs! Alternating Shoulder taps-10IC, Tempo merkins-10IC, merkins-10. BMWs-Bobby hurleys-15, monkey jumpers-15IC, werkins-15. PPPs-Pickle pushers-10IC, plank jacks-10IC, pickle pounders-10IC. Tootsie roll merkins-5IC

Pre Thang-Stinger counts the PAX off into 4s and the PAX takes off on a short mosey while Stinger explains the playground circus of pain he has arranged for the PAX.

Station 1-Rail walks followed by 10 merkins. PAX is instructed to stretch out and shimmy down the railings in front of the school followed by 10 merkins

Station 2-Tummy tuck derkins on the swing set-10IC. Station 2 acts as the push group

Station 3-Rail Hops followed by 5 burpees/5 squat jumps

Station 4-SSHs-20IC, Air Squats-20, Calf raises-20, flutter kicks-20IC

5:55am-Stinger calls Omaha and a panting PAX gathers at the middle of the playground before Stinger leads them to the west side of the schools footballs field to introduce his 3 man grinder.

Station 1-Mountain Climbers, Cheery Pickers, Carolina Drydocks, Seal Claps, Diamond merkins.

Station 2-Air squats, Jump squats, calf raises, monkey humpers, sumo squats.

6:08-Stinger yells Omaha and the PAX moseys back to the shovel flags for 6MM

6MM-LBCs-15IC, heel touches-15IC, gas pumpers-15IC, pickles pushers-10IC

Announcements, prayer requests: Ponzis blood drive, Jan 2 CSAUP, Jim, Sauls friend/coworker. Huffy Grandfather.

COT: Starfish and leadership. My first post at F3 Omaha was on 6/12/18 on a Tuesday. You know where I went on Wednesday? Nowhere. We didn’t have a AO on Wednesday yet. I went to the maize on Thursday and you know where i went on Friday? Nowhere. We didn’t have anything on Friday yet. It wasn’t until men like the Plague, Folsom, Ponzi, Big One and Arm Bar stepped up and lead that new AOs were started and our Starfish model of organizational growth started. We are all Freed to lead, no one is holding us back. Step up and lead men. I am and will always remain your most humble correspondent.

Aye! -H.S Stinger

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