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December 1, 2020 | AO – Cornhusker Handicap | 21°

PAX: Blue Chip, Sticky Bandit (hate), Uhaul, Spreadsheet(hate), Khakis (respect), Mac ‘n Cheese (hate), Two Step, Sister Act, Gunner, Polaroid, Haggar (hate, hate), Panty Hose, Slow Pitch, E85 (hate), Waterboy, Falafel, Cyclone(respect), Hoosegow, Buns of Steel, Hipster (respect, respect), Grease Fire, Drone Strike, Frosty, Othello, Grillz, Chicklets (respect), Ponzi, The Plague, Twin Peaks, Port-a-John

Q: Lucky Charms 

At promptly 5:30, YHC welcomed everyone to F3. No new guys, so the disclaimer, mission statement and core principles were all stated before we got started. 

Today’s beatdown was inspired by workouts others have ledand that I either enjoyed or hated. We started off with a backward run for Slow Pitch.


Like Selleck, warm-a-rama was held in the grassy area by the expensive gym. However, we zombie walked (thanks Fairytale and Jean Claude for that inspiration) with our hands held up above our heads (thanks Armbar). ● Tater tap x 10 IC (Tater Tot)● Groiners x 10 on up (Khakis)● Big Ones x 10 IC (The Big One)● Howl Stretch x 5 (Swinger)● Burpees OYO x 5 (The Plague)● ATMs x 10 each (Honey Stinger)● Mosey back to gazebo

The Thang Part 1

Mucho leggo (I believe it was Selleck) with a twist inspiredby Two Step doing merkins on top of a wall. • 10 tight squats – 5 merkins on top of wall• 10 wide squats – 5 merkins on top of wall• 10 monkey humpers – 5 merkins on top of wall• 10 bonnie blairs – 5 merkins on top of all• Rinsed and repeated thanks to help from Othello and his booming voice

The Thank – Part 2

Inspired by Polaroid’s love of making us run hills, we ran up the hill, touched the wall and met back in a line facing the stage. Three exercises were done before sprinting to the stage and back, reminiscent of my first workout where Bubbles had us do that in a grinder. PAX did sun gods, cherry pickers, and ran in place until the 6 between each round. Each round was led by someone different – Khakis, Two Step, Grillz, and Mac ‘n Cheese, in that order. • Goofballs x 20 IC (Gunner)• Box cutters x 20 IC (Chicklets)• Merkins x 15 
• Ponzi Pinchers x 20 IC (Ponzi)• Freddie Mercuries x 15 IC (Huffy and his bike)• Werkins x 15
• Hydrolic Squats x 12 (Khakis respect)• Low Dollies x 25 on the open (Wafflehouse, Respect)• Carolina Dry Docks x 15
• Hiyaski squats x 20 on down (Slow Pitch)• American Hammers x 15 IC (Khakis)• Gas Pumpers x 15 IC (The Plague)

We did not sprint the final time instead, we did a quick post-thang, where we circled up and would do Monkey humpers while someone sprinted around the massive circle. Somewhere between 60 and 80 monkey humpers were done in a row. Omaha was called when my legs stopped working. 


Inspired by Bloodshot and Futurama’s lack of Mary, we did one American hammer IC. We then counted off one more time. 

Announcements/COT:✔ Announcements/Prayerso CSAUP on January 2. Watch Twitter and Slack for more information, but it will be starting and likely ending at Cornhusker Handicap. o Queenservice Challenge still has 3 weeks left. Go out and support your brothers as they work to achieve their goals that focus on diet. ✔ COT

On giving Tuesday, it’s a great reminder for us as leaders to make the intentional effort to go out and find ways to give of ourselves. Following Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, today is a great time to think of what each of us is passionate about and how we can give back (via volunteering, donating goods, donating money, etc). The idea of giving was overheard on a video where a veteran said his mentality is (in summary): Be giving, not receiving. Don’t go anywhere empty handed. Be an asset, not a liability. 

That’s not always easy. It’s tough to be selfish and work to only better yourself. One quote that helps me get out of that funk is: “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Go out. Be better than the person you were yesterday by lifting someone else up. 


Lucky Charms

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