The Octagon Backblast: 11.30.2020 Soft Hearts

Prarie lane swing school | AO: Octagon | 19 degrees

Q: Bloodshot

PAX: Othello, Stella, Folsom, Hoosegow, IceT, Rollbar, Painkiller, Dr.Thunder, Wentworth, Betamax, Spacebar, HoneyStinger, Toadstool, GreaseFire, Swinger, BlackFlag, Trader, Tuner, FlyingTomato, Bonne, KillSwitch, Zebo

After welcoming the PAX on a brisk Monday morning following Thanksgiving, Bloodshot stated the F3 mission, core principles, and disclaimer.

YHC led a short mosey to the parking lot for Warmarama.



Seal Claps

Overhead Claps


High knees IC

Tappy Taps

Tater Taps

Mountain climbers IC

Prethang: plank with merkins every time “Thunderstruck” or “thunder” was sung in AC/DC hit single. Mumble chatter and Honeystinger’s vocal mastery made the time fly.

Thang: numbered into 4 groups with group one being the push group.


Bear Crawl Up longest end of Hill Octagon.

10 merkins

Run to #2

#2: 15 reps

Alternating shoulder taps IC

Bonnie Blairs IC

Flutter kicks IC

Rinse & repeat until pushed

#3: 20 reps


Monkey Humpers

Big Boys

Rinse & repeat until pushed

#4: 25 reps


Air squats


Rinse & repeat until pushed

Omaha was called after most 2.5 rounds


Flutter kicks

Leg raises

Heel touches


Crunchy Frog



I listened to a TED talk by a young woman named Megan Phelps-Roper titled “I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here’s why I left”.

She mentions that she joined her family as a 5 year old on the picket line, protesting at baseball games, graduations, and military funerals. Holding Racist, and anti-Semitic signs. She couldn’t even read the signs she held.

She was born and raised with these beliefs.

A stranger who eventually became her husband 1) didn’t assume bad intent, 2) asked questions, 3) stayed calm, 4) presented his point of view. He is from Jerusalem/Jewish and over online conversations they were able to understand each other. She left her hateful past and her story is fascinating.

“…it’s hard. We have to talk and listen to people we disagree with. It’s hard because it means extending empathy and compassion to people who show us hostility and contempt.”

As the stresses of Covid, holiday season, and end of the year culminate, people might become even less compassionate with each other. Soften your hearts this month. SYITG- Bloodshot

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