AO: Wild Kingdom

Date: 11/24/2020

Weather: Coldish and Wet

PAX (14): Scrapper, Starsky, Griswold, Convoy, Rollbar, Armbar, Zerorez, Thomas, Crab Cakes, FDIC, Pain Killer, Yodel, Tonight Show, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

Welcome: With the Q rolling in right as the clock was striking 5:30, the greeting was quick. No new guys… check, I’m your Q… check, This is F3… check, disclaimer… check, most of the other stuff talked about wasn’t brought up, because it’s not required (I think?). Besides, this beatdown is a reboot of Hard Hat’s VQ from over 2 years ago. That workout kinda sucked (IMO, and by sucked, I mean, I thought it was lame, and short, and overthought without enough thought). So here’s a second shot at bringing back a lackluster beatdown.

Warmarama: Mosey to the boat ramp lot (had to make sure we didn’t lose an unnamed PAX that was using the portajohn). Did I mention it was wet out? Yeah, that means the potholes are full of water, which really disguises them and makes for a risky run (which one PAX found out with a rolled ankle). Once circled up, the warm up was: 20 IC SSH, then 20(?) IC String Rippers, then 12 IC Slow Windmills. That concluded the warmup. Off to the soccer field now.

THE THANG: DIRTY MACDEUCE – The Q led the way to the field and quickly flipped the switch on a powerful portable light. With enthusiasm he stated “Time to shine a little light on the darkest AO. Who’s ready for a beatdown?” The PAX cheered with delight. A brief explanation of what a dirty macdeuce is was given. It was also stated that many of the exercises are from that unfortunate VQ, but some were changed, and several were dug out of the depths of the Exicon and the PAX may have not heard or seen some before. That’s because Hard Hat was trying to be cool for his VQ.

Set 1: 12 tempo IC Carolina Dry Docks, then 12 Copperhead Squats, then 12 IC Crunchy Frogs, then a lap around the field.

Set 2: 12 tempo IC Wide Merkins, then 12 IC Monkey Humpers, then 12 Big Boy Situps, then a lap around the field.

Set 3: 12 tempo IC Diamond Merkins, then 12 IC Lt. Dans, then 12 IC Gas Pumpers, then a lap around the field. After the lap, YHC informed the group that we were moving too fast and we need to slow things down. So we bear crawled to the other end of the field (long way) and jogged back.

Set 4: 12 Clap Merkins, then Bolt 45, then 12 IC T-bombs, then a lap around the field.

POST THANG FUN: BEAR VS CRAB – The PAX numbered off into two groups and the Q produced a light up soccer ball. 1’s were Bears (bear crawl position and can use hands to move the ball), and 2’s were Crabs (crab walk position and can use feet to move the ball). Goals were established, and play was underway. After two goals were scored, the teams switched positions. Another goal was scored and some of the mumblechatter evolved from fun to concern about the duration of the game. As Tonight Show was closing in on scoring a goal, OMAHA was called. PAX were directed to mosey back to the shovel flags.

6MOM: Various PAX were called upon for their favorite core exercise, which they then led to whatever amount they wanted to call. The order, count, and who selected the exercises was not documented in time, but there was American Hammers and the ABC’s performed, as well as, at least two other core exercises.

Closing/COT: Announcements regarding the Thankful Trot on Thursday, and an update on the Queenservice challenge were discussed. For the COT, I had a flurry of thoughts over the past two weeks that were solid COT topics, but one that kept popping up, especially after Sparty spoke about it Friday, was legacy. As we ponder our legacy, many men will think about their fathers, and the legacy they left. All men come from different backgrounds, have different bars they are reaching for, have different rock bottoms, etc. Think about the legacies that you follow and how they impact your legacy. Think of things you’ve done in the past that maybe weren’t done as well as they could have been. Maybe things that you said or did that could have been better. Is there a way you can “redo” it? I didn’t think I was ready for my VQ, I did it anyway. It sucked. Yeah, some of the guys after said it was good, but I already had it in my mind that it wasn’t that good and could have been much better. It bothered me, and I didn’t lead a workout again for 6 months. Don’t do that. If you screw something up, figure out how to rectify it and fix it. Think of the impact you have on others and use that to help build your legacy. Encourage PAX after they lead a workout, or if they are accelerating. It means a lot, and you might just say something that helps push them forward a little bit more.


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Wild Kingdom

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