The Oracle Backblast: Coach Folsom finds a Hill

November 28, 2020//Aldrich Elementary School//AO- The Oracle 07:00 Edition//33 degrees//

Pax: U-Haul, Rollbar, Skipper, Vandelay (Respect!), Hashtag, Sparty, Othello, Room Service, Big One, Spacebar, Wentworth, FNG (Herein After Vespa), Folsom.

Q: Folsom

Warm O’ Rama (10 Minutes)

  1. Do-Wa-Diddy Mosey (PAX lined up, 1st in line drops for 10 Merkins, rest of PAX keeps running, when 1st PAX finishes Merkins, he calls out “6” and the next guy in line drops to do 10 Merkins, etc. for 5 minutes. Then circled up for some exercises.
  2. Tappy Taps ICx12
  3. Goof Balls ICx20
  4. Shnooks, forwards and backwards, ICx10
  5. Hillbilly Squats ICx15
  6. LL Cool J’s ICx10

The Pre-Thang: 3 Man Weave (10 Minutes)

Folsom had the PAX get into lines of 3. The men were instructed to get a basketball between the 3 of them and to pass and weave down the court on the right side and back on the left. The PAX that didn’t get the ball had to perform Cherry Pickers until a ball was returned via the 3 man weavers. Once a group returned they began Cherry Pickers until it was there turn to go again.

The Thang: 3 Man Hill Grinder (25 Minutes)

Folsom lead the PAX on another Do Wa Diddy run across the street to the big hill just to the east of the shovelflags and had them again get in groups of 3 men. 2 men started at the bottom of the hill; 1 man ran to the top of the hill. Once everyone was in place the exercises could begin. 1 of the 2 men at the bottom ran to the top to relieve the 3rd man, who then ran down the hill to relieve the man down there. The PAX performed the following exercises AMRAP until relieved:

Bottom: Flutter Kicks, Hobo Dumpers, Hand Release Merkins.

Top: Heels to Heaven, Sumo Squats, Sun Gods Backwards.

6 Minutes of Mary

  1. Full Body Crunches x20
  2. Static Freddy Mercury’s (10 count hold per side) x6
  3. Big Boys x30
  4. American Hammer ICxRancid Style, but everyone called out 2 reps=26

Announcements/Prayers: CSUP is January 2nd, 2021, Start Training now. Also you have until Thursday of this week to donate to and/or order a Thankful Trot Shirt.

COT: I know that we are heading into a stressful time of year. This pandemic isn’t going to make that any easier, but I urge you men, to take time to yourself. Posting at F3, for example, is a great way to do something for yourself that will make you a better you for your family. When you are with your family, try to focus on the good that is there. For instance, extended breaks from school allows us more time to spend with our children. Which is a good thing, most of the time. 😉 Aye- Folsom

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