Thursday, 11/26/2020, Thaksgiving at the Battlefield
post-Thankful Trot Beatdown

QIC: Two Step
PAX, 32 Strong: Tugboat, Flying Tomato, Baby Grand, Sister Act, Saferide, Ponzi, Bonnie, Dirty Bird, Cataracts, Super Tasty, Arch, Girl Dad, Spacebar, Mother Goose, Starsky, Davinci (Respect, Respect), Grillz, Bloodshot, Gumbo, Gobbler, Stella, Wentworth, Toadstool, Betamax, Huffy (bling bling), Waterboy, Folsom, Brazillian, Rollbar, Bubbles, Honey Stinger, Two Step

Welcome: Stadium entrance immediately following the Thakful Trot Photo Op’ YHC welcomed the PAX, discovered no FNGs, Spelled out the anacronym, recited the purpose, stated the principles and disclaimed lack of professionalism in this realm, warning risk of injury for following stupid exercise suggestions.

Warm O Rama: at center of pitch, Side Straddle Hops x 15 IC, Windmills x 15 IC, Tappy Taps x 15 IC, Big Ones x 10 IC.

Pre-thang: Pax divided into three groups, which distanced socially along the south goal line, adjacent 10yd line and 20yd line.
Elevens were performed progressing north up the field at 10yd increments traversed by bear crawls alternating with lunge walk between sets of Eleven exercises: Burpees and Big Boy Situps.
Prior to each set of exercises, YHC called out one of his list of ten things he is thankful for today, upon when all PAX were to consider thankfulness for as well while exercising and traversing the 10yd distance. Said thankful items included:

  1. I have a roof over a warm home.
  2. I have plentiful water to drink.
  3. I do not have to go hungry.
  4. I have access to the internet.
  5. I have friends and family.
  6. I have good health.
  7. I experience the kindness of people I have not met before.
  8. Setback have formed me and made me stronger.
  9. I can learn new things.
  10. F3

Thang: PAX then assembled into groups of three. Groups counted off by sixes. The groups then assembled at the base of the six stadium steps on the east side of the pitch.
A three man grinder was performed, accumulating the following exercise totals at the bottom and the top of the stadium steps. One PAX of each group of three at the bottom, the other at the top, the third ran either up or down as the push.
Bottom Exercises:
Merkins x 150
Monkey Humpers x 100 IC
Mountain Climbers x 100 IC
Air Squats x 200
Caroline Dry Docks x 150

Top Exercises:
Big Boy Situps x 100
Overhead Claps x 150
Flutter Kicks x 100 IC
Moroccan Nightclubs x 150 IC
Freddy Mercuries x 100 IC

Post-Thang: Irish Two Steps / Absolutions, 8 count cadence x 16 to give thanks to this, the sixteenth month of YHC’s involvement in F3.

6 Minutes of Mary:
Flutter Kicks x 15 IC
American Hammers x 20 IC

Prayer Requests and Announcements: Huffy’s grandfather transitioning to comfort care. Toadstool endorsed a community fundraising alliance, of which he can provide more details than YHC, with regrets by YHC. Also with regrets,  additional announcements and prayer requests were not committed to memory by YHC who will use his phone to take notes in the future.

COT: Paraphrased and expanded, a little…
We should definitely be thankful for the grit we’ve got, being able to get out into the cold, dark, early gloom for this stupidness. Do you know who else had a ton of grit that I am thankful for? (Blank stares – too broad)
Pilgrims! I’m thankful for the folks who ventured out from civilization to birth the colonies here in the New World. Anybody remember the year Columbus “discovered” the new world? Correct, Stella, 1492! How ’bout the year Pilgrims rode the Mayflower? Not 1506, Stella. It was 1620, many generations after Columbus. What happened in the interim? Exploration was a big deal. Super thankful for that. Also, a few settlements popped up and went away. Fewer were sustained.
Now, I’m not a professional at this either, but I’ve learned conflict with the natives was also a big deal. Quite a few things that had to get figured out along those lines. I am fascinated by my explorations of that topic.
Considering the few preceding attempts to build settlements during that time, the Mayflower was the first biggest party that went down. Not actually a party, though. See, we’ve still got it rough in our cold gloom, but this pales in comparison to what those people endured. Anybody know how many pilgrims set out on that boat? 102. What percent survived the first winter, most, of which was spent on said boat, moored off the coast? Only 50% survived! That’s worse than the percent who survive their first F3Omaha winter beatdowns, which we know are super rough. So, pretty dire statistics for those white folk.
How ’bout the native americans, though? How did they do after the Mayflower? Actually, before you answer that. Were there more people living in Europe or North America at the time of the Mayflower? North America, actually. They’d been “roughing it” here for millennia. What was the percent of that population that remained 100 years after the Mayflower? Betamax said 20%, which amazed YHC because he was so much closer than anyone else and closer than I expected. Still, mathematically, he was off by 100%. In reality, 10% of the native population remained after 100 years. So, mathematically, it got way worse for them than it ever was for the pilgrims. Lots of violence. Lots more of disease. Smallpox probably did more damage than anything. I would like to give the benefit of the doubt to my predecessors, that disease is a crapshoot. Who knew that would happen, right? Well, people that are professionals at this sort of knowledge have a lot to say about that. They say maybe it wasn’t all happenstance. It’s a rabbit-hole, to be honest, when you try to research the things that might have been done by my ancestors to the native americans. Some of it wer are probably all familiar with, but a lot is for sure new knowledge to me. Now, don’t get me completely wrong. It’s also a rabbit-hole to research the grit and the accomplishments of the same people. What they endured and accomplished amazes me. However, not all of it is celebratory.
What I am most thankful for, is that our founders set us up a place where we would be free to come and do this stuff in the gloom, and talk about stuff like this, or whatever. We were also given the freedom to look back upon all of the things our country and our people have done and decide for ourselves which things we are thankful they did, and which things we wish could have been done better. That’s what I am most grateful for on this Thanksgiving.
I found another think while researching some of this stuff. Anybody know when thanksgiving was made an official US Holiday? 1863, by Abraham Lincoln, when he was in the midst of quite a bit of turmoil.
These rabbit holes can be deep and dark, but also can shed glorious light and help us to live in a more well-lit place. So, take your freedom and explore some of this fascinating history. You are free to think for yourself about what you learn.
And that reminds me of my favorite Abraham Lincoln quote. Did you know he was the first to warn us? He said, “Do not believe everything you learn on the internet.”
peace, and thanks, and aye,
Two Step

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