November 19, 2020 | AO – The Battlefield | Westside High School

PAX: 27 – Polaroid, Wide Right, Girswald, Smashmouth, Replay, Gumbo, Dirty Bird, Spacebar, Tin Cup, Safe Ride, Grillz, Da Vinci (Respect), Huscau, Khakis (Respect), Flying Tomato, Samples, Beta Max, Gobbler, Bonnie, Chippendale, Baskin (Respect), Mother Goose, Water Boy, Biff, Toadstool

QIC: Mac N Cheese

Mumblechatter – after a little Pre-Run with Smashmouth and Griswald, where no one knew the route and Mac N Cheese assumed Smashmouth was setting the pace. QIC had to take off for a Plague style pace to get to the Q in time. You would think after back to back near misses he would learn his lesson, shorter pre-run’s on days you Q! 

The Opener – The QIC met the Pax on the track and shared the 5 core principles, mission statement and disclaimer, with no FNG’s we set off for the beatdown. 

Mosey and Warm-a-rama – The PAX took a short mosey around the track, ending in the middle of the field where we split into 2 social distanced groups (T-Claps Grillz for his leadership).


  • Tater Taps – 10(IC)
  • SSH – 20(IC)
  • Tempo Merkins – 10(IC)
  • ATM’s – 10(IC)
  • Tempo Merkins – 8(IC)
  • ATM’s – 8(IC)
  • Tempo Merkins – 6(IC)
  • ATM’s – 6(IC)
  • Tempo Merkins – 4(IC)
  • ATM’s – 4(IC)
  • Tempo Merkins – 2(IC)
  • ATM’s – 2(IC)


  • Partner up
    • Partner 1: Sprint Forward 14 yards (to the numbers), back pedal (to the edge of the field) 14 yards – 10x, 8x, 6x
    • Partner 2: Mountain Climbers – until partner 1 finishes set 
    • Sets are complete when each partner has done the number of reps 10x, 8x, 6x, of the sprints

#mumblechatter: The QIC first started to feel like this large of a group while social distancing was going to be a bit difficult. While, Beta Max, called out “this doesn’t seem too hard” by the end he was singing a different toon.

The Thang: 

  1. Partner up
  2. Partner 1 begins the exercises on the end line, while partner 2 runs to the far hash-line and back to the endline. Partner 1 informs them of the rep count and partner 2 takes over. Rinse and repeat
    1. Exercises:
      1. Burpees (20)
      2. Bonnie Blairs (40 each leg 80 total) 
      3. Bobby Hurley’s (60)
      4. Squats (80)
      5. LBC’s (100 IC)
      6. Diamond Merkins (20)
      7. ATM’s (40 IC)
      8. Merkins (60)
      9. Mountain Climbers (80 IC)
      10. American Hammers (100 IC)

Mary – A short Mary of 27 American Hammers were performed.



Message from the Q:

  • This was a special week for QIC for personal reasons which he shared with the PAX in attendance that day. More than happy to share to talk with other PAX members if they are curious, but the COT for this beatdown will be private from the internet. 


  • Mac N Cheese
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The Battlefield

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