Cornhusker 11/24/20 – Slow Frosting

Q-Slow Pitch

Weather- 38 Degrees, with a nice little rain

Pre-Run- Great attendance by bigs and smalls, long strides, short strides at two miles, some above two miles and other at three miles.

24 PAX- Buns of Steel, U-Haul, Flanders, Blue Chip, Footie (Down Range from North Carolina), Big One, Ponzi, Sparty (Highest kick NOR Champion of Thanksgiving Week), Grease Fire, Gunner, Frosty, Wentworth, Nugent, Grillz, Othello, Water Boy, Porta John, Bovine, Spreadsheet, 2-Step, Vandelay, Polaroid, Khakis, Tater Tot

Slow Pitch started off with the basics, F3 Mission Statement, Principles, not aprofessional, introduction to down ranger, Footie, in attendance. He told the PAX that there is a HIM sitting at home and today is a special day for him. He was originally on the schedule to have his VQ but was at home keeping others safe, quarantining. He asked the PAX to think about all those that may be home, helping our community and keeping their families safe, while we are blessed to be out in the gloom together. The Q was so amped by the number of PAX that were there, the number of shovel flags and a significant number of guys that inspire him on the daily. 

Start with Mosey: Run on sidewalk towards stage, around to lit up tower, circle up in grassy area by the tower.

Warmarama: Circle up in front of tower. Now the grass was quite wet and filled with 38-degree puddles of water. So, here’s how it went:

Slow Pitch’s friend has a birth name of Joe and we were going to spell his name in exercises. Anyone know what exercise stars with J?

​(J)ump Ups: 11 on up

Ok heart rate is up. “Anyone know what starts with O?” From a distance Slow Pitch heard his brother, Tater say, “One Legged Burpees?” “Yes, One Legged Burpees on my down. Right leg first.” Alright, here we go Q needs a 10 count, 90 seconds into the warmarama. Kinda a bad sign if he plans on finishing this workout.  Ok, left leg… there was an F word and some other colorful chatter from the circle. Q’s foundation was getting shaky here, but he finished 11 of them.

“Anyone know what starts with E?” Oh, how a friend knows what a favorite of yours is: Spartyfrom the boundary “E2K’s!” No question in that HIM’s mind, what was coming. Pax started laying down in the below 40-degree water, except a couple of HIM. Nugent was wondering around in a figure 8 looking for a dry spot, like a dog tries to find a perfect place to poop. “There’s no dry spots Nugent, just lay down in it.” Backs and booty are now soaked.

​(E)2k’s: 11 Each leg on up 

SP, Turned it over to Frosty for Pre-Thang:De-Frosting

Frosty explained the De-Frosting: 10,, Merkins, Air Squats and Big Boy sit ups, then 9 of each, 8 and so forth down through 5, when he called it.

Count off into four groups for The Thang, explained below:

Group One to the stage, two to the tower benches, 3 and 4 to the NE benches. Start exercises and group 4 start backward mosey.

Mosey: Backward Mosey to behind stage and Benches by Tower.  Every time passing stage, must do 10 hand release Merkins (Um yeah, the front of you is now soaked. Your twigs and berries are tiny and hiding from the almost freezing puddles of water, you keep putting them in) and 10 Starfish crunches, together, repeat until push group arrives, then Backward Mosey to Tower Benches.

Tower Benches (SE Benches):  

Round 1: 15 Derkins, 20 Sumo Squats – Bear crawl to Picnic Benches

Round 2: 15 Diamond Merkins, 20 Box/Jump-ups (Modified for safety)- Bear crawl to Picnic Benches

Round 3: 15 Merkins, 20 Alternating Lunges with Bench – Bear crawl to Picnic Benches

​Picnic Benches (NE Benches):  

Round 1: 15 Incline Merkins, 20 alternating step ups – Forward Mosey to stage- 10 HR Merks, 10 Starfish Crunches, repeat until push group arrives, then backward Mosey to Tower Benches

Round 2: 15 Ranger Merkins, 20 LBC’s with feet on bench – Mosey to stage- 10 HR Merks, 10 Starfish Crunches, Forward Mosey to Tower Benches

Round 3:  15 Werkins, 20 Dips – Forward Mosey to stage – 10 HR Merks, 10 Starfish Crunches, Forward Mosey to Tower Benches

“Omaha” was called after two full rounds at 6:05


​Slow Pitch Called on Footie for favorite core: Hammers 20 IC

​Called on Grease Fire: 20 Heals to Heaven

​Called on U-Haul: Freddie Mercury’s; 20 IC


Who inspires you?  Why?  Their words, their actions? 

Do you inspire others?  How? Are you of action or word?

What are you going to do to inspire those within view of you?

There are a number of you in view that inspire me. One of those guys is not here today and his birth name is Joe and he is celebrating something today. I am inspired by the guy running at the back of the PAX, by being with a HIM that is doing the Murph for his first time, by the guy staying home to protect his community and family, by the man that has made life choices to be a better human to others. I am inspired by so many of you!

I challenge you to inspire others by your humble actions and asking others how I can be of service. You don’t have to be vocal and at the front of the pack, you can be quiet and in the middle and be inspirational. Go inspire someone!

Frosty took us out in prayer and it was a perfect end to a wonderful morning.

It is an honor to lead such amazing men!​

Slow Pitch

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