Wednesday November 25: 36 degrees and a little damp

Q: Armber

12 PAX: Tator Tot, Bonnie, Mufasa, Hard Hat, Tator Tot, Tube Socks, Kill Switch, Father Time, Skipper, Panty Hose, U Haul, Flying Tomato, Armber

Armbar greats the group.

F3-Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

Mission Statement-To plant grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership

Core Principles-1 Free, 2 Open to all men, 3 always held outdoors, 4 Lead in a rotating fashion, 5 will end in a circle of trust

Disclaimer: he is not a professional so please modify when needed.


Slow Mosey around the school to meet on the cement playground.


Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Tappy Taps 15 IC

Air Squats 15

Abe Vigoda(a slow windmill) 10 IC

Pre Pre Thang – Stance and Motion

1 min goes x 3

Armbar has the PAX stay in their stance for the entire minute. Commands are called out to be followed

Block down- Lower level and touch the ground

Foot fire-Fast Feet in place

Hit it- Drop and do 1 burpee(jump optional)

Shoot – Step into a the man into a body lock (I remind the pax not to hit the knee on the ground because the cement on that playground is like a cheese grater.)

Pre Thang – 11’s

PAX moseys to the Wall for 11’s using Donkey Kicks and Chicken Peckers.

10 count used at the halfway point where Mufasa reminds the Q that he can be a Richard sometimes.

The Thang-Its not you fault I have to save my legs for tomorrow.

6 stations each lasting 3 minutes. Rotate on the whistle. No stations will have any leg exercises

1 and 4. Each station will have 2 exercises. The first to be done 1 rep and the second 4. Then 2 reps and 8. Continue counting in this method up to 5 and 20. Then do the core exercise and continue with 6 and 24 until the whistle blows. If you get to 10 and 40 then core again.

Derkins and Cherry Pickers. Core: Heals to Heaven 25 IC

Pull ups and Chinooks. Core: Low Dolley 25 open

Upright swing rows and sun gods. Core: Freddy Mercury 25 IC

Merkins and shoulder press. Core: LBC’s 25 IC

Werkins and Morracan Night Clubs. Core: Flutter Kicks 25 IC

Hand Release Merkins and Seal Claps. Core: Big Boys 25 UP

Omaha is called at 6:08 after every station is complete


Mosey to the flags

Slow pose Freddy Mercury 15 IC

Low Dolly 15 IC (apparently done already by the All-Star groups)

American Hammers 25 IC Each member of the PAX counted 1 and we went around 2 times.

Reminders and Prayers

Turkey trots at all sites of various distances starting at 5 and 530 with beatdowns to follow at 6

Queens Services PAX are heading into a tough week.


The start of the wrestling season is normally one of my favorite times of the year. And this year is was a rough week to say the least. Between Covid protocols and school changes it was not a smooth week to say the least. I had to reassure some kids that the things that are happening right now are not their fault. Getting a hair cut is not suppose to be a dangerous task.

Talking with Coach Froendt I congratulated him not only on a great season because of the championship but also because of how he navigated the Covid pandemic to keep his team together. He simply told me that I need to “release control of what is happening and of all those exterior things you cannot control”. We are all facing a very tough situation with so much happing and changing in what we cannot control. The only thing we can control is how we respond. Our attitude and effort. So as long as we can show up and do out best every day then that is all we need.



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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