November 24, 2020 // Westside High School // AO-Colosseum / 36 wet and rainy//

23 PAX:  Stella, Mother Goose, Spacebar, Wait Time, Huffy, Smashmouth, The Plague, Slow Clap (Respect), Pony, Honey Stinger, Bloodshot, Chicklets (Respect), Baskins (Respect), Chip and Dale, Folsom, BetaMax, Ice T, Safe Ride, Tug Boat, Greek Freak, Houskow, Swinger and Samples (respect)

CO Q:  Swinger and Samples

The PAX gathered underneath the awning of the concession stand until 5:30.59 when Swinger welcomed the PAX with the mission statement and Samples with the 5 CORE Principles and no need for disclaimer but both finally confessed that neither were a professional and led the PAX on a mosey around the track.

Warm O’ Rama – led by the Swinger

·     ¼ mile Mosey

·     Side Straddle Hop ICx30

·     Sun Gods ICx10 each direction

·     Monkey Humpers ICx15

·     Windmills ICx10

·     Mountain Climbers ICx10

·     Tootsie Roll Merkins – because we love to roll in the rain! ICx10

·     Failure to Launch Squat Jumps x23

·     Pickle Pushers ICx15

·     Bobby Hurleys X20

·     Amazing Spiderman ICx

·     Squats X30

·     Moon/Wolf x15

·     Roxanne Burpee/Cherry Pickers  Burpee for every time the name Roxanne was sung

The Thang:  (Upper Deck)

1.                  Swinger had the PAX count off by 1’s and 2’s.  1’s went with Samples to the north end zone while 2’s went with Swinger to the east bleachers.

PAX partnered up in each group.  First partner ran up to the top of the steps while the other completed the first set of exercises.

·     Dips

·     Big Boys  

·     Merkins

·     Scissors Kicks

The other half started at the north goal line with their partner.  One partner ran to the opposite 20-yard line while the partner completed these exercises.

·     Bonnie Blairs  

·     Flutter Kicks  

·     Apollo  Ono’s

·     Alternating James Bonds  

·     Plank

Mary – led by Samples

Freddie Mercury’s 20 IC

Gas Pumpers 20 IC

Folsom’s InstaGram Poses 15 IC
Hammers 20 IC

Announcements:  Turkey Tot on Thursday and Samples asked the PAX to watch the one ways in and out of the Colosseum as parents coming in to drop off cheerleaders might take offense to your driving.  Folsom asked about using his driving for a pickup strategy.

COT:  Swinger first mentioned that he was thankful for the PAX coming out this morning considering the conditions and shared that even though there are many differences in opinions this year, we need to remember to come together as families.  This weekend is all about love and sharing giving thanks for each other and families.  Samples tagged with that theme and reminded the PAX that sometimes when we get offended, there is a break in the relationship and we need to apologize, looking at the person, saying sorry for what we did wrong, what we will do next time and ask for either forgiveness or acceptance of the apology.  The act of apologizing will allow healing and begin the rebuilding of the relationship.

Aye- Samples

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