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November 21st

PAX- Thor, Grillz. Vandelay, DaVinci, Slow Pitch, Super Tasty, Waterboy, Cyclone, Tuna Fish, Pothole, A-Bomb , Two Step, U-Haul, Convoy, Scrapper, Wait Time, Tube Socks 

Q: Roadhouse

It was a gorgeous Saturday morning and a crisp 37 degrees. As the time got closer to 6 AM, a line of cars piled into the parking lot. A small group of pre-runners made their way back to the flags. By 6 we were at 18 total PAX members. A terrific group of men who were ready to get to work. 

What this group did not know was that a fire had been lit under Roadhouse the night before. His workout had been questioned, dubbed a “warmup” and not for “real men”. He had taken that to heart. And was ready to prove himself. 

I greeted the group and moved through the formalities; welcome, core principles and the mission of F3. I gave a brief explanation of what the workout would look like and then we moseyed to the parking lot across the street. We circled up and did warm-a-rama. 


SSH’s (Jumping Jacks) 15 IC

Tappy Taps

Big Ones 15 IC

Sun Gods 10 each 

Goofballs 15 IC

After Warm-a-rama we moseyed back towards the school and lined up along the north wall. It was time for some wall work. Inspired by my brother Slow Pitch, we started with donkey kicks. He and I shared a beautiful moment during donkey kicks at Death Valley earlier this year. From there we moved onto Chicken Peckers. Wait Time was to the right of me and I noticed out of the side of my eye that we was doing inverted push-ups… Wait, was I doing something wrong? Was he? I fought through my confusion and finished what I thought was chicken peckers. After the peckers we did a modified balls to the wall. It was the traditional form but we added a pelvic thrust, a pickle pusher if you will. We dubbed these “Dry Humpers”. A huge smile came to my face as I heard laughter through this exercise. Our last exercise was Australian Mountain climbers. We did one more set of Donkey kicks and Dry humpers and finished our wall work. 

Wall Work 

15 donkey kicks

15 chicken peckers

15 Dry Humpers

Aussie Mt Climbers

From there we took a long mosey up the hill to the parking lot halfway up the hill. We counted off into groups of 3. The thang would be a series of 4 stations, each focused on a different part of the body. Each station was located in the 4 corners of the parking lot. 

The Thang: 


20 Copperhead Squats

20 Bonnie Blairs

20 Bobby Hurleys

20 Sumo Squats


20 Heels to Heaven

20 LBCs

20 Starfish Crunches

20 E2K


20 Carolina Dry Docks

30 Cherry Pickers 

40 Overhead claps

50 Air Presses

Merkin Madness: 

15 Werkins

15 Ranger Merkins

15 Chuck Norris Merkins

15 Tempo Merkins

The groups moved from one station to the next. It was a grind. As the Q, I had some regrets… specifically the Merkin Madness and the 50 Air Presses… Sorry boys. 

I called Omaha and we headed back down the hill. We got back to the school and circled up for Mary. 


15 Flutter Kicks

15 Dying Cockroaches (For Scrapper’s Return) 

21 American Hammers 

And recover… 


PAX members who interested in reading Wild at Heart are still welcome to join. Talk to Grillz for Details

T Claps for Vandelay for being a terrific site Q and being in charge of 2 workouts every Saturday. 

Prayer Requests: 

Grillz grandma is having surgery on Monday. Keep her in your prayers

Keep Thor and his family in prayers as they enter a difficult week. 

For those families who are unable to be together for Thanksgiving. 


As I look around in today’s world, I see a lot of making excuses, pointing fingers and placing blame. That leaves a tremendous gap for us to step into. Taking responsibility is the only way to achieve what you want to achieve. To reflect on the challenges that you are facing, at home, at work, anywhere, and to look in the mirror and understand your role in that challenge is the first step in overcoming it. We have to take ownership of everything; the good, the bad and the ugly. 

When you make excuses, your brain actually stops working on a solution. We have got to understand our role in each of our challenges. It could be what we are doing or not doing, saying or not saying. Once we figure it out, then we can start working on fixing it. 

My challenge to you this week is to reflect on the areas of your life you are struggling and reflect on what your role is in that challenge. Look in the mirror and take responsibility for youlife. You will be amazed when you do. And it is the only way that we become the man we want to become. 

I love you guys! 


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