Conditions: T 42°F, feels like 38°F, Clear
QIC: Two Step
Co-Qs: Slow Pitch, Saul
PAX: Tater Tot, Sparty, Vandelay (respect) Ferdinand, Demagorgon, Sister Act, Blue Suede, Roadhouse, Brazillian, Two Step, Tony Tiger, No Dose, Splinter, Mac ‘n Cheese, Cataracts, Khakis (respect), the Plague, Wait Time, Saul, LPC, Jean Claude, Gunner, Flanders, Convoy, Biff, Blue Chip, Buns of Steel, Slow Pitch.

Welcome: While YHC was explaining the beatdown to Co-Qs, the clock struck 5:15 and was declared such by some PAX unknown to, though much appreciated by YHC. In the lot  south of the Paradise doors, PAX were then all welcomed, the anacronym was expanded, the mission was stated and the core principles were listed in the circular fashion in which they exist.
Mosey: a few steps east to the lot north of Flemings.
Warm – 0 – Rama: SSH, Big Ones, Windmills.
Division: PAX counted into three groups which were distributed to the Co-Q’s.
The extended Pearls on a String Running Beatdown encorporated the following segments and exercises, attacked by the three groups in altered routes and order to distance PAX for COVID safety:
Two Step’s group’s order:
1. Loop of Regency Mall, followed by Absolutions x 12+.
2. Southern jaunt to typical warm-o-rama lot a north end of Regency Lake: Bolt 45’s x 2.
3. Southern jaunt along west bank of Regency Lake to the Inter-apartmental lot along Pacific: ATM’s x 2.
4. Northeastern jaunt to Regency Drive east sidewalk hill-ridge: Elevens with Big Boys at street level, Backpedal up ridge, Merkins at top of ridge, run down ridge.
5. Northeastern jaunt Regeny Drive to Harney Parkway ascension to Regency Park: Merkin Jax – 1:4 Merkins and Plank Jacks IC, up to 4:16 and down.
6. Western jaunt back to Fleming’s Parking Lot.
Name-o-rama: Incorporated separate videos for each of the three Co-Q groups because COVID safety.

Wear Purple Thursday – tomorrow – for Pancreatic Ca Awareness Month. And be aware of this disease and supportive of our brothers whose concentrica are affected by it.

F3 Omaha’s signature regional apparel is currently available for a limited time only on Mudgear. Thank you Wait Time.

Prayer Requests:
Surely there were some, but they were kept in the silence of the hearts of the PAX, which is perfectly fine.

It is worth saying again, the Pandemic sucks. It has been hard on all of us. Certainly every HIM in this group with a depenent family has stepped up efforts to compensate for 2.0 care and education and whatever other household tasks have become more burdensome. T-claps for that. And also, certainly there are highly HIM in this group who have taken the lion’s share of the extra responsibility at home, teaching, laundry, grocery, cooking, cleaning, maintenance of whatever. However, as a general rule, throughout the world in almost every culture, when societal norms break down, and when the safety net is too porous, the slack is taken up by women, particularly mothers. Many of us woke bro’s might think we are the shit becasue we do a helluva lot more household tasks than our fathers and all preceding generations. By that standard, we are kililng it. However, despite the progress of our generation, when people measure the unpaid labor within modern households, dudes are getting their asses kicked. Women make demonstrably greater contributions at home and career sacrifices, including cutting work hours, transitioning to work-from-home situations, leaving the workforce altogether. So just have that in mind when you get gone from whatever you are so lucky to still be doing away from home every day, if you are so lucky. Whatever you can do, and certainly whatever you are asked to do by someone who you may not realize is probably kicking your ass, just do it. And love the opportunity.

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