AO: Futurama
November 19, 2020
PAX: Hashtag, Hipster (Respect), Slow Pitch, Spreadsheets, Blue Chip, Port-a-John, Flanders, 2 Step, Cyclone (Respect), Wrong Way (Respect), Sticky Bandit, Uhaul, E85, Rooster, Bunz of Steel, Lion Tamer, Casey, Othello, and Pony Express

Warm-a-Rama: The PAX moseyed about a quarter mile from the memorial to St. Margaret Mary’s School. Once arrived completed the following exercises:
1. SSH 15 IC
2. Dive Bombers 10
3. Pickle Pushers 15 iC
4. Moroccan Night Clubs 10 IC
5. Tappy Taps 10 IC

Thang: 3 man grinder. Station 1 AMRAP burpee pull-ups. Push Group started at station 2. Station 3 was a list of exercises that the team would work up to cumulatively. List of Exercises below:
1. Merkins 100
2. Hydraulic Squats 200 (Ouch)
3. Groiners 300
4. Ranger Merkins 100
5. Monkey Humpers 200
6. LBCs 300
7. Hand Release Merkins 100
8. Sumo Squats 200
9. Low Dollies 300

COT: Pony Express shared his story of his first post at Futurama. The point was to explain how F3 brings something to someone’s life. For pony in that moment it was a supplement to lifting weights but has turned into a way to make new friends and connect with the community. You never know what F3 means to the other PAX so what is it that F3 does for you?

TAPS: Thoughts and prayers to our brothers: Touché, Hightower, FDIC, and Short Sale.

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