November 17, 2020| Colosseum | AO – Westside High School Football Field | 32°

PAX:  Hoosgow, Smashmouth, Brick, Flanders, Baskins (Respect), Dino, Bloodshot, Toadstool, No Doze, Folsom, Sister Act, Beta Max, Greek Freak, Chicklets (Respect), Stella, Gumbo, Honey Stinger, Armbar, Pony Express, Super Tasty, Swinger, Mother Goose, Samples (Respect), Safe Ride, Splinter

Q: Splinter

YHC welcomed 25 PAX and no FNG’s to a beautiful morning at the entrance to the Westside High School football field. YHC stated what F3 is all about along with the 5 core principles.  Mumble chatter was prevalent this morning, PAX did not know what was about to hit them.  YHC was pleased and YHC did remind PAX that Splinter was not a professional and to modify exercises as needed.


PAX moseyed half a lap to the center of the football field for warm-a-rama

  • SSH – 20 – IC
  • Sun gods – 20 – IC (10 forward 10 reverse)
  • Cherry pickers – 20 – IC
  • Tappy-taps – 15 – IC
  • Burpees – 10 OYO

The Thang

PAX were split into 5 groups for what was to be a major chest and shoulder burner.  PAX were to proceed to stations and perform all exercises on the sheet and then mosey to the next station in a counter clockwise fashion.  Rinse and repeat as time allows.  PAX were given a quick demo on cadence for alternating shoulder taps with merkin (shoulder tap – 1 – other shoulder tap – 2 – down for merkin – 3 – PAX count on up of merkin for a single rep), Pure Burn (Hold fence start in ¾ squat position and on down go to full squat for a single rep) and Spider Pig (Feet up on wall and hands on sidewalk, walk/move 20 paces linear down the walk in this position)

Station #1 – SW side of track at block wall

Alternating Shoulder Taps with a Merkin    – 20 – IC

Donkey Kick    –    20 Reps on UP

Heals to Heaven –     15 Reps on UP

Station #2 – East side of bleachers

Alternating Shoulder Taps with a Merkin   –       20 – IC

Pure Burn      –     40 Reps on DOWN

LBC     –   20 – IC

Station #3 – Top of bleachers next to block wall

Alternating Shoulder Taps with a Merkin    –        20 – IC

Spider PIG (travel along wall with feet up on wall)   20 – Paces IC – DOWN the walk

Low Dolly     – 10 – On OPEN

Station #4 – East End Zone

Alternating Shoulder Taps with a Merkin            20 – IC

Gas Pumpers       – 20 – IC

Big BOYZ     –  25 – On UP

Station #5 – Center of Field on the 50

Alternating Shoulder Taps with a Merkin            20 – IC

American Hammers     –    20 – IC

Big BOND       –      25 – On UP

Today left the PAX #F3Swollen in the shoulder and peck region.  YHC was wanting to design a workout that would tear up the chest and shoulders.  Testing the limits is what we do to grow.  The PAX stepped up to the challenge this morning and some started streaking (or people just started vanishing into thin air) as piles of clothing were noticed on the field as the workout drew on and on.  While mumble chatter had diminished and a lack of oxygen was prevalent by the sucking of wind and the chilling moans and groans heard throughout the colosseum.  This fine morning was all about limits.  Armbar was kind enough to point out that even the fence was complaining this morning during the pure burn as the creaking chain-link did its best to hold up to the brutal pain that the PAX were bringing to it.  Low on oxygen and into the second round YHC mentioned to my group that we would finish out our current station and call Omaha.  My boy Gumbo was kind enough to create a new word this morning by combining the halt of a cadence with Omaha, sounded a bit like “1-2-3 fourteen, 1-2-3 HALTOMAHA” my brother was not gonna let YHC rethink if we were done or not! Gumbo thank you my friend, you are a true HIM who brought a smile to my face and into my heart this morning in more ways than I can tell you. It was a birth of a word I will never forget.  As we circled back up for marry in the middle of the field Chicklets was friendly enough to point out the lack of burpees in the workout so YHC made a change on the fly and we did burpees for Mary.


  • Burpees – 10 OYO


Sister Act forgot how old he was and YHC had a VQ moment and could not remember where I was but we made it through (lack of oxygen is what we will blame it on per Swinger)

Circle of Trust:

YHC was listening to a sermon lately and one of the points was around wasted resources.  This took me down a rabbit trail that is not necessarily where the sermon went but where I want to go with you High Impact Men this morning.  We tend to be a self-help society, taking notes and going to seminars to improve our lives.  We tend to make SMALL attempts to make adjustments and address shortcomings for a SHORT time.  When we don’t see results from our notebooks of notes and ideas we jump ship and look for the next quick fix.  What if I told you that you’re being watched?  What if I told you that each time you jump on to the next quick fix, it is noticed?  You see, we have the resources, we have the notes.  Whether those resources are from the notes you take on a sermon, a passage from the Bible or the notes you take during a seminar, you are given resources and tools each and every day.  The self-help issues we face are not a resource problem they are a use/implementation problem.  The thing that I have noticed in my short 37 years on this side of heaven is this, time has become our enemy.  Things and situations that we have the resources to address may take time to address.  As a society if much time is required for anything we are on to find the next quick fix.  We are not willing to feel the discomfort that comes with enduring emotional struggle and pain for a long period of time, we want out.  We want a short term fix that will address our feelings right now.  I don’t know what each person here believes but I believe in Jesus as my personal savior and his example was one of endurance.  He didn’t take shortcuts.  He spoke of his distress and need for time when he was weary, he didn’t hide it or try to find something to diminish the emotional turmoil his human self was feeling.  He brought it into the light and walked others through what it looks like to endure.  So what about this notion of being watched?  There are people who look up to each person here.  Whether it is your M that wakes up next to you each morning, a future prospect for a wife, your kids, other people’s kids or just someone you mentor.  Know this, people are watching your lead.  As a leader those who look up to you want to emulate you.  Are you showing them what it looks like to be an emotionally mature person who can endure difficultly or are you a man who, when the next hard thing hits you are looking for the next quick fix.  I want to urge you to take stock of your emotional maturity, is your example something that will equip the next generation to be more emotionally mature?  Or are you setting up those who look up to you to be another generation of emotionally immature people who don’t know how to deal with emotions.  Take stock men, lead well and give those who watch you a fighting chance.  If you do, one day they will look back and they will thank you.


Gumbo gave thanks for health the recovery of his Dad who is doing better.

COVID is hitting the community, keep those who are on the front lines in your prayers. 

Due your part and help us keep things in check during workouts.  Space out and keep one another on our toes, if your brother has a problem being called out that is his issue and not yours.

–Prayed the PAX out



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