AO: – Aldrich Elementary – Deja vu

November 14, 2020. 7:00 AM Time slot.

Q: Vandelay. 

PAX: Room Service, Skipper, Sweet Tooth, Six Shooter

I arrived at 7:01 from the Methodist parking lot after finishing up the 6 AM Beatdown.  I appreciated everyone’s patience as I was coming in Hot.

I recited the mission:

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

5 Core Principles: 1) It’s free; 2) open to all men; 3) always held outdoors; 4) peer led in a rotating fashion; and 5) ends in a circle of trust.  

Vandelay assured all that he still is not a professional at this so please modify as necessary. 

The PAX mosied about a half mile cutting across the long area loop to the east.

We then arrived at the Methodist parking lot near where the Thang was set up.  Our AO would be confined to this zone for the beatdown.  Because of the intimate size of this group, we all stayed together but Socially Distanced throughout.


High Knees – slow 20 IC

Butt Kicks 15 IC

Windmills 15 IC

Hang (hands to toes- relax) 30 count

Back Yoga Stretches (Downward Dog and whatever the revers of that is) 5 or 6 Times

Big Ones 12 IC

A short Mosey to the Pre- Thang


Air Squats – 25 on the Down, Calf Raises -30 on Up, Sumo Squats- 25 on the Down- Very quick between all of these.

Broad Jump Pre-Thang:

Broad Jump 3 times, 30 second Plank, 15 Merkins

Repeat 3 times.  Push your Broad Jump each time.


We stayed together and worked through each station at 2 min or 2.5 min cycles for each spot.  We made it around one rotation – perfectly planned, you might say.• Merkins• Mountain Climbers• Bobby Hurleys• Plank Jacks • Deep Slow Lunges• Air Squats• Sun Gods F and R• Crab Humpers were changed out for Monkey Humpers as a last-minute Q decision.• Run Group – 2 hill runs in reverse and back down.  Then shuttle run as laid out- forward and back pedal.

The group assembled for Core exercises.


Low Dollys-20 On the Open 

Heal Touches – 20 IC

Box Cutters – 20 IC

American Hammer 30 IC

NUMBER OFF, NAME-A -RAMA :  • Went off without incident- again.

ANNOUNCEMENTS• Please remember to maintain safe COVID Protocols during our beatdowns and continue to be respectful of others, including at Coffeteria.

PRAYER REQUESTS• None offered.

COT• I am usually relied on the be the stable one in our household and not be bothered by a lot.  That said, I really hate snow and ice and winter generally.  Last year I was really upset about snow screwing up my plans for a workout- which really didn’t make that big of a deal.  Last week when it snowed on Monday, I apparently was expressing some displeasure with the situation and my wife had noticed my comments and later sent me a message by text:   “ If you choose not to find joy in the snow, you will have less joy in your life but still the same amount of snow”.  One, I was surprised she sent this to me.  And Two, it caused me to evaluate how I had responded and in a way that actually concerned my M enough to call my attention to it.  Obviously, this is not a huge matter concerning what a lot of people are dealing with regularly but just this short loss of perspective is something that I need to focus on improving.   Please remember to take advantage of those disguised opportunities to find joy in everyday life. 

Prayer• YHC took us out in prayer



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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