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PAX:  Tug Boat, Jean Claude, Mother Goose, Tin Cup, Mufasa, Thor, Khakis (Respect), FNG (Dino), Wentworth, Vandela (Respect), Dirty Bird, Geico (Respect), Saul, Splinter

Q: Splinter

YHC, sporting a Friday the 13th Jason hockey mask, welcomed 12 PAX and 1 FNG (wow 13 on Friday the 13th) to a beautiful morning at the entrance to the Burke High School football field. YHC stated what F3 is all about along with the 5 core principles.  YHC did fail to remind PAX that Splinter was not a professional and to modify exercises as needed for the nightmare on Burke Street. No worries though the PAX would be able to preserver this fine Friday the 13th morning.


PAX moseyed up at the center of the football field for warm-a-rama

  • Sun gods – 20 – IC (10 forward 10 reverse)
  • Cherry pickers – 20 – IC
  • Tappy-taps – 15 – IC
  • Big ones – 10 – IC
  • Bear in the woods – 15 second countdown (hold low squat position for stretch)

The Thang

PAX moseyed to the south end zone. YHC informed the PAX that they were going to feel as though they were in a nightmare for the next 30 min.  PAX were split up into 2 groups which were then to split into 2 more groups to keep with social distance protocol as advised. Group 1 would start at the south fence, holding onto the fence in a ¾ squat position one HIM would call out down to drop the PAX into a full squat for 10 reps and then the next PAX member of that group would jump in for the next 10 until 100 reps were completed.  Once complete they were to mosey back to the end zone for the workouts listed on the sheet.  Group 1 would start out with workouts listed on sheet and then trade spots with Group 2 once exercises were completed.  So work out was Pure Burn legs then two exercises then pure burn then two exercises the pure burn you get the point (a nightmare);

Pure Burn                                100 Reps on down

Side Straddle Hops                 50 – IC

Push-ups – Regular                 40 Reps on down

Pure Burn                                100 Reps on down

Mountain Climbers                 25 – IC

Eight Count Body Builders    25 Reps on down

Pure Burn                                100 Reps on down

Flutter kicks                            25 – IC

Carolina Dry Docks                10 Reps on down

Pure Burn                                100 Reps on down

Heals to Heaven                      20 – IC

Air Squats                               20 Reps on down

Pure Burn                                100 Reps on down

Freddies                                  25 – IC

Dips – benches or in stands    Max Reps

Upon failure of dips PAX members would mosey track until Omaha was called.

Today there were a mixture of emotions surrounding a fence.  Some of the PAX were excited and with colorful dialog spoke to the fence in ways that would make some grown men blush while others were less excited and used it to as the only thing that was going to keep them from sprawling out on the ground to give their legs and glutes a rest.  All in all it was a good morning as YHC was only cursed at in passing one time and Mufasa was in the opposite group so YHC only got a small earful about squats while circling up for Marry.

YHC modified the above workout from a Marine daily workout routine found below adding the pure burn in place of the 30 minutes of running


•           American Hammers – 25 IC

Mosey back to flags


Welcome to FNG Tyler Anderson (Dino)

Circle of Trust:

YHC attended a parenting conference last weekend and it was a good reminder to what most of us do as parents.  It was good for two specific reasons.  The first reason was the reminder that as a parent one of the single most important things you will do in your life is raise your child.  It’s a heavy fact but a true fact that we can lose sight of in the day to day life as a parent.  As a member of the F3 Omaha PAX YHC would challenge all PAX members with the following.  It is the job of each PAX member to lean into other PAX members to ensure each HIM is excelling and making a difference in how the next generation is being brought up.  The second reason that the conference was good is that it reminded YHC that leaders are intentional about hitting reset and evaluating how they are doing in all areas they are responsible for.  This can be parenting, school, work, church or any number of areas where a HIM is leading. The best leaders are intentional about evaluating what they are doing and adjusting.  Some things may need to be taken away to be best you can be and others may need to be added.  The important thing for us all as leaders is looking at where we are going and if that is the direction we are truly desiring.  YHC challenged the PAX to evaluate their leadership and see if it is on the trajectory they are desiring, if it’s not adjust like a good leader.


Saul gave a quick memo about social distancing and the need for all PAX members to do their part to ensure PAX can continue to meet each morning in the gloom.

Folsom is hosting a happy hour this afternoon starting at 4 see slack for details.

We were asked to pray for healthcare workers as admin staff is being called back to the floor to deal with the new influx of cases along with prayers for teachers who are also feeling the strain of the pandemic on their classrooms and the uncertainty of what the remainder of the year will look like.  Saul asked for prayer for a neighbor who lost their father to COVID last week. 

–Prayed the PAX out

Coffeteria followed



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