November 13, 2020 | Top Combine | Kiewit Middle School | 18 degrees and starry

PAX: Sparty, Roadhouse, Chucky, Bubbles, Cataracts, Thomas, Armbar, Pantyhose, TubeSocks 

QIC: TubeSocks

PAX met at shovel flags. 5 Core Principles, Mission Statement, and disclaimer, Welcomes FNG. 

Mosey around track 1 lap

Warm-a-rama: Side straddle hop, Tappy-Taps, Big One’s Pre-thang Spot Game: Turn over spots and perform each exercise as a group.

Thang: Deck of Cards – Pax will # off in small groups. Within that group they will partner up and start at a cone.  Flip over a card, solve the riddle and do that many of the exercise listed.  Then mosey to next cone.  Rinse and repeat.

6MOM: American hammers  

Announcements: F3 Thankful Trot… Held at all Thursday AO… More info to come.

Prayer: TubeSocks

COT – First impressions and casting judgement. Like many people I have a terrible trait of casting a judgement on people I don’t truly know.  A few months back I met a fellow PAX member and right away cast a negative judgement of him.  He was the total opposite of me and that scared me.  I was unsure of how I would be able to get along with this guy, etc.  Every time we post together, this person has unknowingly forced me to understand him.  Forced me to be ok with our differences in person.  Reminded me that everyone is different but that doesn’t mean bad.  This person truly is a great guy.  Truly a leader that F3 stands for.  This growth came over a period of time and has really opened my eyes to a major flaw I posses to this day.  Thanks to his unwavering of who he is, this flaw has come into light for me maybe I would not have noticed this flaw. 




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