Paradise Island – Veterans Day Salute

11/11/2020 / Paradise Island AO / Paradise Bakery – Regency / Temperatures in the mid 20’s. No wind. Ideal day to run.

PAX: Cataracts, Icy hot, Ferdinand, Water Boy, FDIC, Vandalay (RESPECT!), Tater Tot, The Plague, Griswald, Trench, Tony the Tiger, Slow Pitch, Swinger, Bubbles, Blue Chip, Gunner, TC (RESPECT!), Biff, Two Step, No Doze 

Q: The Curse

The Curse welcomed the PAX to Paradise Island. He reminded the group of the rising numbers of Covid in the community. He asked PAX be thoughtful to spacing and interactions not just during today’sbeat down, but ongoing. 

Mission Statement:  F3 lives a mission to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the re-invigoration of male community leadership.

Core Principles:  F3 abides by 5 core principles: 1.  Free   2.  Open to all men   3.  Held outside rain or shine   4.  Lead in a rotating fashion  5.  Ends in a circle of trust

Disclaimer:  The Curse is not a professional. He asked that everyone listen to their body’s and modify as necessary.

The Curse announced today’s workout would be lower body focused as he personally is in 50% bruiser status with an upper back injury. After that announcement the group moseyed to the North parking lot for warm-a-rama.

Warm-A-Rama:• Since arms are useless in this workout, the warmup was kept simple:o Big Oneso Tappy Tapso Tater Tots• The group moseyed to the bottom of the North hill for the THANG.


Not necessary today.


The process of the THANG is simple: Get the legs burning then run it out. Here were the exercises and running paths completed:1. Bottom of North Hilla. 20 Air Squatsb. Up the hill2. Top of North Hilla. 20 Ron Artest’s #newexerciseb. Around the park3. Top of South Hilla. 20 Bonnie Blairs (the group really liked these)b. Down South Hill4. Bottom of South Hilla. 20 Bulgarian Split squatsb. Up the South Hill5. Top of South Hilla. 20 Sumo Squatsb. Around the park6. Top of North Hilla. 20 Anton Apollo Ohnosb. Down the North Hill7. Bottom of North Hilla. 20 Jump Squatsb. Back to shovel flags for Mary

6MoM:  1. Sweat angels – 202. Freddy Mercurys – 203. American Hammers – 22 

Prayers and Announcements:  • Pray for Cataract’s father who is sick with Covid. Pray for No Doze’s friend’s family. They too have a Covid situation ongoing.• PAX safety remains at the forefront of each beat down. Be thoughtful to everyone around you. Think about the space you give people. Also think about how you make contact – consider electing the foot tap instead of high fives, hugs, or fist bumps.


Today is Veteran’s Day. As some PAX know, my grandmother passed away a couple weeks ago. She was 93 and unwell so her passing was a blessing for her and our family. Over the past several years, she was vocal about her readiness to move on from this life. A key driver to this was her desire to be reunited with her husband. He passed over 15 years ago. 

My grandfather was a WWII veteran. Most notablyhe fought in the Battle of the Bulge – one of the most deadly battles in US war history. During this 6-week battle, in a German forest, during the dead of winter, my grandfather experienced multiple moments that are equal parts incredible and miraculous. They were so transformative for him that he chronicled the experiences in a book – Beyond All Odds: A Story of Faith, Courage, and the Realities of War. 

Recently, as I have been reflecting on my grandparent’s respective lives, I came to a realization. His actions in this battle were indeed heroic, miraculous, and sometimes crazy. However, the reason I am telling you this story is not to place my grandfather on a pedestal. He, like millions of Veterans throughout the history of our great countryhave battled under circumstances hard for me to comprehend to ensure freedom for me and my family. They too have done heroic deeds, experienced miraculous moments, and even did some things that were downright crazy. 

On this Veteran’s Day, let’s not lose sight of the generations of women and men that selflessly have given so we can be comfortable where we stand and provide opportunities like F3 for us. Just the same, we will have generations to come that will continue to do the same for people they will never know. Thank you is woefully inadequate in describing the gratitude for our Veterans. 

Cot concluded with The Curse thanking everyone for coming.

FDIC took us out in prayer.

Q Source was held after at Paradise Bakery with a discussion on Candor, the first of the Leadership Virtues.

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