11/4/2020: Top Rope
SmackDown Vs. Raw 2007
Temp: A much colder and windier 44 degrees than the Q anticipated! Last day of short sleeves
was not a good idea!
PAX: 18 – Gunner, Spreadsheet (Hate), Polaroid, Frosty, Hipster (Respect, Respect), Kibbles’n Bits (Respect, Respect), LeDoux, Rancid, FNG-Tatonka, Hashtag, KC, Sparty, FNG-Rooster, Othello, T-Bird, TC (Respect), Sampris (Hate), Mac N Cheese
QIC: Mac N Cheese
The Opener – after a little Pre-Run with Tube Socks and FDIC, where we may or may not have gotten a little lost, QIC was coming in hot off the run with 1:30 before 5:30 start! Mac N Cheese presented the 3 F’s, the mission statement, the 5 core principles and the disclaimer. No FNG’s today.
Mosey – The PAX took a short mosey to the blacktop where the QIC explained the theme of the day! SmackDown Vs. Raw 2007,
Explanation: One of the top 5 video games of QIC’s 26.9 years on this earth was going to be the theme. Since we didn’t have time to start with the career mode and unlock all the characters, warm-a-rama was going to include the cheat code for all characters on PS2.

mumblechatter​ – QIC informed the PAX this was the most fun he had planning a workout, and he hoped they enjoyed it but if not know he was having fun for the next 40+ minutes!

Warm-A-Rama: 15 reps each
Square – Tater Taps (IC)
Up – Jump Tucks
Circle – Goofballs (IC)
Up – Side Straddle Hops (IC) X – Merkins
Up – Squats

mumblechatter: ​Knowing that the location for today’s beatdown was a bit dark and it would be challenging to explain the concept in the dark the QIC described The Thang on the blacktop.

Explanation: ​We split into 3 groups (Smackdown, Raw and Legends) with the cheat code fully implemented we have access to all characters 26 Smackdown, 20 Raw and 16 Legends, each group would start at a station and complete 1 rep for every character at each station. Each station had 3 exercises. In between stations the group would run to the middle of the circle and then onto the next station.

#mumblechatter: ​The middle is important because when the QIC and his best friend Colin plaid this game in middle school they would always have to take “homework breaks” which became the center of the circle break before returning to the game.
The Thang:

  1. Station 1: Smackdown (26 reps, all exercises)
    a. Merkins
    b. Smurph Jacks (IC)
    c. Big Boi’s
  2. Station 2: Raw (20 reps, all exercises)
    a. Mountain climbers (IC)
    b. Monkey Humpers (IC)
    c. Plank Jacks (IC)
  3. Station 3: Legends (16 reps, all exercises)
    a. Burpees
    b. Bonnie Blair’s (IC)
    c. Turkish get ups
    The Finisher​ – Leave it all out on the field, the PAX sprinted with everything they had left from the field back to the blacktop for Mary.
    Mary​ – A short Mary of 26 American Hammers were preformed and the QIC called… Omaha!
    Message from the Q:
    ● Take ​time for you, as we talk about in Q-Source you have to get right first. So find something that helps you get right so you can be right for your family, friends and community. When I was a kid that was playing SmackDown Vs. Raw 2007 with my best friend. Today it might be a game of soccer, getting out in the gloom with F3, 20 minutes of Fifa by myself, reading a book or whatever else. The point is make it a priority.
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