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Q – PantyHose

PAX: Vandelay, Slow Pitch, DaVinci, Pothole, Magic, Cyclone, Bubbles, Tonight Show, U-Haul, Convoy, The Curse, Grillz, Tater Tot, Birdman, Khakis, No Doze, Wide Right, Chuckie, Nailed It, Slow Clap, Fumblerooski, Tuna Fish, Roadhouse, Tubesocks

YHC’s morning began early, as he was eager to get this VQ in the books and wanted to get in a pre-run to shake any pre-VQ jitters. Upon arrival at the AO and getting out of his truck, PantyHose noticed how unseasonably warm it was and realized this was going to be a great day. 0500 at TheOracle was very peaceful…YHC loaded up cones and lights to prepare the fields for the beatdown that would shortly ensue. 

First stop – the back field next to the houses.  The peacefulness of the morning was cut short after crossing the bridge, as Pantyhose was greeted by a black cat on the edge of the trail staring right back at him. Those green beady eyes peering into his headlamp were no match…after all, Pantyhose was on a mission. Two more steps and the cat quickly scampered off into the gloom. Back field setup went seamless, as well as the journey back to the soccer field to setup for the pre-thang. It was 0520, time to get back to the parking lot to see who was up and at ‘em for the pre-run. The silence of the gloom during the journey back to the parking lot was briefly interrupted by cawing of a couple of black crows (not the band), presumably in cahoots with the black cat.

A solid group of HIMs (6-7) were present for the pre-run and one, who will remain nameless (Slow Pitch), even questioned PantyHose’s ambition of pre-running on his VQ. The pre-run went well with some good mumblechatter throughout the 5k journey.

Back at the shovel flags, the 0600 group was assembling. A HIM from the PAX noticed a foreign object around Roadhouse’s ankle and asked what he had going on down there. Almost as if he was prompted, Roadhouse reaches down and dawns a leg warmer, which he apparently found in a box from the ’80’s, and says “Oh this? It’s my pantyhose”.  Well played, Roadhouse…well played. PantyHose was humbled.

At 0600 sharp, PantyHose welcomes the PAX, with the mission statement, core principles, and disclaimer. Before the mosey, he addressed the PAX with a quote “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

Short mosey to the Methodist parking lot for warm-a-rama. SSH x 25 IC, Tappy Taps x 15 IC, Sun Gods x 10 IC (forward/backward), Seal Claps x 10 IC, Cherry Pickers x 10 IC

Mosey to the soccer field for pre-thang.- 3 cones setup about 20 yards apart- PAX split into 2 groups. Group 1 will go first, followed by Group 2- Quick mosey to 1st cone and do exercise (see below), Sprint to 2nd cone and repeat exercise, 3rd cone and repeat exercise. Back to start line in the same fashion, performing exercises at each cone. That is 1 round.- Exercises:- Round 1: 5 Burpees- Round 2: 5 Plank jacks- Round 3: 5 Mtn climbers IC- Al Gore to the 6 in your group

Slow Pitch was apparently confused at the explanation of the pre-thang and asked what the second group was supposed to do while they were waiting for the first group to go. PantyHose replied, “Just wait your turn, Slow Pitch!”. The exchange was apparently enough to subdue the PAX as there was little mumblechatter that ensued during the pre-thang.

At the conclusion of the pre-thang the PAX moseyed across the bridge and down the trail to the back field for the Thang. – Dora 1, 2, 3…2-man grinder- Merkins: 100- Bobby Hurley: 200- Big Boys: 300- Runner: Run to the cone (about 50 yards away), 3 bonus burpees, run back and relieve partner

The Thang was underway and there was a little mumblechatter confirming that this was, in fact, a 2-man grinder…nothing from Slow Pitch though. The PAX, as they always do, got it sorted out and worked through the Thang. About halfway through, Pantyhose called an audible ditching the bonus burpees.

At 0643 Omaha was called and the PAX moseyed back to the basketball court and circled up for MOM.- Flutter kicks x 15 IC- American Hammer around the circle (24 IC)

The PAX made their way to the shovel flags for namarama, announcements, prayers, and COT.

PantyHose expressed his gratitude to Vandelay for the invitation to VQ at The Oracle, followed by the story of his EH to F3 by Birdman. Thanks Birdman! This was a fitting VQ…after all, it had been exactly 12 weeks since PantyHose’s first post, which was at The Oracle.

COT focused on Being Present. PantyHoserepeated the quote that started the workout (credit: Mother Teresa):  “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow hasnot yet come. We only have today. Let us begin.” 

Pantyhose shared one of his struggles is being present at home, with his 2.0s and M…and one of the reasons for that is his phone. Our phones are great for keeping us connected, but also comes along with many other apps (texting, social media, email, etc.), which often times put a barrier between us and those that are nearest. One suggestion from PantyHose…when your time is limited, such as in the evenings with your family…take it of your pocket and put it somewhere else (PantyHose puts his on top of the refrigerator). If it rings, answer it, but those notifications that often become the barriers are really not that urgent and when the phone is somewhere out of reach you can focus on the more important things in your life. In closing, PantyHose shared his opinion on why F3 is so impactful and it is because the PAX comes every day and is PRESENT. We leave our distractions somewhere else for an hour and put 100% of our focus on those around us.


PS…After being silenced during the pre-thang, Slow Pitch remained in his lane for the remainder of the workout.

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