The Pit Backblast – Legs Day!

Nov. 7, 2020 – The Pit | Halleck Park, Papillion: 51 degrees and Awesome –  Q: Gunner

PAX: Knobs, Firewalker, Gipper, Gobbler, Trench, Tony the Tiger, High Life, Smashmouth, Huffy, Skittles, Ferndinand, Wet Bandit, Girl Dad, Squeaky Clean, The Plague, Toadstool, Arm Bar, Icy Hot, Lemon Law, Marve (FNG), Haymaker (FNG), Rodie

Started this morning’s beatdown promptly at 7 AM, with the welcoming and stating the F3 Mission and 5 core principles and welcomed 2 FNGs.

Warm-O-Rama -In the Arboretum

  • 15 IC Tappy Taps
  • 15 Mule kickers each leg
  • 15 Windmills
  • 15 IC Imperial Walkers
  • 15 IC Hairy Rockettes
  • 15 IC Goofballs
  • 15 IC Mummy Kicks
  • 15 Rosalitas

Pre Thang- At the Soccer field

Split into 2 groups – Ones and Twos. Set up a work-out court with 2-100 yard lines. Sprint 40 yards to the exercise station. Performed 2 full laps around this course.  The course had these exercise stations:

  1. 20 IC monkey humpers

Bear crawl to next station

  • 20 IC dying cockroaches

Bear crawl to next station

  • 20 carolina dry docks

Back pedal to the finish line – move over to line 2

Sprint to exercise station

  • 20 bobby hurleys

Crab walk to next station

  • 20 IC heels to the heaven

Crab walk

  • 20 IC alternating shoulder taps 

Back pedal to the finish line

The Thang – Moseyed to Halleck Park’s Front open field

Pax did one long line and started with

  1. 25 IC Groiners – 25 lunges
  2. 25 IC Hydraulic Squats- 25 lunges
  3. 25 IC Low Dollies- 25 lunges
  4. High knees- 25 lunges
  5. 25 IC Mountain Man Poopers- 25 lunges

Turned around and sprinted back to start line and did set 2

  • 25 IC Plank Jacks – 25 lunges
  • 25 IC Sumo Squats- 25 lunges
  • 25 IC Windshield Wipers- 25 lunges
  • Butt Kickers- 25 lunges
  • 25 Calf raises- 25 lunges
  • 25 Calf raises – Omaha called and moseyed back to shovel flags


25 IC American Hammers


Lemon Law explained how any HIM is allowed and able to execute any Third F activity and Free to Lead it.

COT Stated a short explanation how special combat veterans are to our society and the unique life situations they have been through.

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