Q-Honey Stinger

PAX: U-Haul, Room Service, Big One, Waterboy, Vandelay, No Doze, Smashmouth, Space Bar, Road House, Super Tasty, Folsom, Tuner, Flanders, Zero Res, Zeebo, Patton, Wide Right, Slow Pitch, Wentworth, Dirty Bird, Mother Goose, Tin Cup, Roll Bar, Black Flag,

Introductions, mission statement/core principals. We welcomed Jared the FNG. Jared left during the workout for a undisclosed reason. If he were to return, his F3 name will be Stage Left.

5:32am, beautiful 49deg the PAX takes off on a solid mosey around the Golden Spike track before circling at mid field for WOR

Goof Balls-12IC
Hillbilly rockets-12IC
Abe Vigoda-12IC
Sun gods/Calf Raise- 12IC
High Knees-12IC Tappy Taps-12IC Copperhead SQTs-12

The fun continues after WOR and Stinger launches into ATMs-10IC, BMWS-15IC and PPPs (pickle pushers, plank jacks, and pickle pounders-10IC

The PAX then divided into 4 groups and made their way to the far corners of the bleacher stairs for some unusual beat down behavior. Half of the group went to the top of the stairs to do a set up exercises and the rest set up at the bottom where another set of exercises were waiting. The PAX at the top was surprised at Stingers request

•Pickle pushers-15IC while you stare into your partners eyes and grunt like a raging bull
•30 Air Squats while doing your best fake laugh
•Monkey Hump 15IC while making fart noises
•SSHs-20IC while you sing a Beatles song
•15 Donkey kicks while you neigh like a Pony boy

The group at the bottom of the stairs knocked out the following:

Merkins, DIPS
Squat Jumps, MTN Climbers and LBCs

At 5:55am Q Stinger called Omaha and asked the group to group into 3s for a full filed grinder. 2 men of the team would start in the north end zone and one in the south. With one man as the runner/pusher the beat down continued. The runner was instructed to do 3 burpees at midfield just to make it more fun. The following were waiting for the PAX in the south end zone.

Bobby Hurleys, Hand release Merk, Imperial Walkers, Big Boys and Burpees. AMRAP

The south end zone was treated to AMRAP: Carolina Drydocks, LBCs, Cherry Pickers, SSHs, and Yogi Merkins

6:07am Omaha was called and the PAX once again circled at midfield for 6MM. Flutter kicks 15IC, Low Dolly-15, LBCs 15IC, American hammer 15IC

COR, NOR with no FNG to be found;)

Announcements and prayer request. Veterans Day ruck, mustache fundraiser, baby Selleck, baby U-haul, Knobs M, No Doze/friend and coworker.

COT: The right to be ridiculous is something that Stinger holds deal. Don’t take yourself so seriously because no one else does either. A sudden act of ridiculousness and light hearted goofy ness usually leads to laughter, laughter leads to reduced stress, anxiety and more smiles and who couldn’t use more of the right now. I am and will remain the PAXs humble servants and correspondent. Aye!

Honey Stinger

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