Canyon AO-Thank you Vets

The Canyon AO @F3Canyon
Warm & 55° 7:00 am November 07, 2020
PAX (6): FDIC, Spreadsheet, Demogorgon, Side Dish, Fairy Tale, (Q)- Waffle House

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.
F3 principles: free of charge-open to all men-held outdoors — rain or shine, heat or cold. Men who participate also lead the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary. Workouts end with a Circle of Trust.

Peak of the sun over the mighty Mo whispered to the PAX that the time had come to mosey across the parking lot, past the wall, through the trees to @F3_Oscarmike’s shovel flags.

• 15 IC SSH & some Tappy Taps!
•  15 IC Sun God’s front & back
• 20 IC Windmills
Rolling Mosey – MumbleCatter- Where’s the wall & who’s driving?

Shield Lock Ladder
• 15>1: Merkins
• 15 yard jog along the way
• 1<15: Monkey Humpers
Rolling Mosey- MumbleCatter- Can we count by 2s for the Humpers?

5 Tree Touch
• Dips AMRAP as each man runs to touch five trees
• Mountain Climbers AMRAP as each man runs to touch five trees
• Plank Jacks AMRAP as each man runs to touch five trees
Rolling Mosey- MumbleCatter- Wow, so many trees.

Balance on the Wall
• Flutter Kicks 10 IC rolling man count
• Box Cutters 10 IC rolling man count
• LBCs 5 IC rolling man count
Rolling Mosey- MumbleCatter- Crest OK? I am NOT afraid.

10 Tree Touch
• SSH 1 man AMRAP as 4 men run to touch ten trees- Rinse & Repeat
Rolling Mosey- MumbleCatter- Wow, so many trees.

10 Toe Touch
• Step Up on fountains/curb 10 IC each man
Rolling Mosey- MumbleCatter- Rules are important, Gallup has a lot of rules.

6 M O M
• American Hammers 2 rounds 10 IC count ON 10 IC count OFF IC.
• Family prayers for FDIC, Side Dish, Spread Sheet
• Veterans Day prayers
Veterans contribute to American society in many ways; not just during their time in active duty. Throughout our history, military service members have put on their uniforms to protect the values and liberties that this nation was built on. But that doesn’t stop once the uniform comes off and their time in active duty has ended. Veterans take the lessons they have learned and the experiences they’ve gained and continue their service to our nation by strengthening our communities. They become our nation’s leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs. Veterans are the most active volunteers working to improve communities across our country. Service goes beyond the uniform. This Veteran’s Day, we honor the men and women who have worn their uniform who continue to serve our country

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