11-5-20 The Maize     Weather: 43°, clear skies. A perfect fall morning!

PAX: Hard Hat, Cheap seats, Thomas, Pain Killer, Dr. Thunder, Kingsford

QIC: Rollbar

YHC rolled into the parking lot of The Maize a solid 10 minutes before go-time and spotted Hard Hat’s truck already on location. The PAX rolled in and Hard Hat came sprinting in from his solo pre-run (That dude was booking!).

Promptly at 0530 YHC greeting the small group that had gathered, established that there was no FNGs present and gave the standard welcome, disclaimer, mission, and core principles. We took a short mosey to the basketball court for Warm-o-Rama:


  • Side Straddle Hop x25ic
  • Tempo Merkins x15ic
  • Tappy-taps x15ic
  • Windmills x15ic

YHC informed the PAX that we would be doing a string of pearls style workout, we would run around the lake with pain stops along the path

The Thang: String of Pain

  1. At the Benches: 15 Burpies on “down”
  2. At the Dam: Big Boys x25ic
  3. At the Turn: Copperhead Squats x20ic
  4. At the Playground: 15 Burpies on “down”
  5. At the Field: LBCs x25ic
  6. At the Rocks: Dips x25 on “Down”


  • Sweat Angels x15ic
  • Box Cutters x15ic (Lead by Cheap Seats)
  • Heels to Heaven x15ic
  • American Hammers x5ic counted by each PAX for a total of 35


YHC is a fan of modern-day warrior-Philosophers like Jocko and Tim Kennedy (I know, I know, they’re not exactly philosophers). Many quotes from these men speak to my inner warrior.  Today, I shared a quote from Tim Kennedy:  

“There are no shortcuts to building one’s resolve. It is earned slowly and painfully through hard work.” 

As men and leaders, we must have a resolve that is second to none. We come here, to the Gloom with our brothers, as a way of building and strengthening our resolve.  Train to harden yourself physically. Shield lock to harden yourself mentally. Serve, and pray to harden yourself spiritually. These actions are all difficult, early mornings, vulnerability with your brothers, and openness to God’s leading are all challenging. But these actions can change your life and alter the trajectory of those around you.  


  • Respect Ruck-Saturday 0530, launching from the Canyon. Bring toiletries donations to The Combine tomorrow or to the ruck. 
  • 1st Friday Lunch, 11:30-? @ The Inner Rail

YHC closed out with a prayer, asking the Sky-Q to help us harden our resolve in our 3 Fs.

Be blessed,

Rollbar #SYITG

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