Back Blast: Changing Gears

Date: 11.5.2020
AO: The Sandlot

Pax: Knobs, Jam Band, Zorro, Crawl, Squeaky Clean, Salueki, Trench, Armbar, Roadie, Ferdinand, Pea soup, Lucy (quadraped), Jean Claude, Charlie (quadraped), Ouiji, Firewalker, Schnapps, Tonight Show

QIC: Tonight Show

Conditions: 41 degrees, completely still, and perfect for a November run in the gloom.

Tonight Show welcomed the 15 pax and 2 quadraped pooches to The Sandlot.  The mission was dispensed and the Sandlot version of the disclaimer was given.  1. YHC is not a professional 2. Here all we do is run, none of that other stuff, 3. We don’t stretch because you don’t stretch what you don’t want to pull!  With that YHC explained we would take a mosey to the football field for an interval based workout. For the working interval you should press to a 6-7 exertion level and for the active recovery you should go to a 3-4 exertion level.  Listen for the whistle so you know when each interval starts.

We don’t do that here!!!!

The Thang:
At the track the intervals went like this:

1 min – 6-to-7 exertion
1 min active recovery

2 min – 6-to-7 exertion
2 min active recovery

3 min – 6-to-7 exertion
3 min active recovery

4 min – 6-to-7 exertion
4 min active recovery

5 min – 6-to-7 exertion
5 min active recovery

Omaha was called during the final 5 minute active recovery and everyone headed back to the shovel flag.  

Pax achieved ~5 miles this morning, some (I’m looking at you Trench) were probably over 6 by the time they finally hit the shovel flag.

We don’t do that here either! Unless you’re running with Trench and get back to the flag first.

YHC shared a story about a high school classmate that owns her own branding business now.  She recently shared on Social Media how weekly she gets at least one person hitting on her or putting her down because of how she looks.  A recent person inquired about doing business with her then followed up their conversation by saying “I hope you aren’t offended but you’re beautiful.”  After asking if he was looking for a date or business, he said “if you’re offended just forget about it”  He didn’t realize how it was totally out of line to use a business call as a dating opportunity.  

YHC relayed 2 big takeaways.  

  1. #HIM our daughters and wives live in this world and will have to put up with this.  We have a responsibility to raise our sons to recognize this as inappropriate and raise our daughters to know their worth and stand against this.
  2. We live in an incredibly divisive time in history.  If you start a sentence with “I hope you aren’t offended…”, you can almost guarantee that whatever comes next probably doesn’t need to be said and it is likely offensive.

Nightcrawler is organizing the veterans ruck this weekend.  Grab a pack and put some toiletries into and join in with other pax on a ruck to deliver the supplies.

Kielbasa is calling all #HIM to join him in no-shave November and consider making a donation to Griefs Journey (FKA Ted E. Bear Hollow). 

Both of these are great ways to support people going through difficult times.  All details can be found in Slack.  

Prayers for Knobs’ M.

This was only YHC’s second time at the Sandlot but I had a great time and knew exactly what I wanted to do to keep everyone together.  Thank you for joining me on this.  I hope I can someday be able to keep up with you studs.

I’m humbled by you all each time I get out!!!  Thank you for the opportunity to lead today.
Tonight Show

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